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The only thing more pathetic than forgetting how many outs are left in an the accuracy [inaccuracy] of my Picks for the Week

(I almost didn't want to hyperlink to them because they're so, so bad. But I gotta face the music. Ugh. I'm lucky my parents are on a cruise for the next 2 weeks and hence won't be reading this. Because I'm pretty sure my dad would disown me if he saw 28 years of diligent football betting education, thrown out the window.)

Sigh. So it looks like I owe my buddy Casano a cheesesteak. He killed me in picks this week already.

I just received the following text minutes ago:

"Wow! As much as I dislike the giants, I love watching the giants' D play."

Is there any greater testament to their D than a die-hard Boston fan conceding this?


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