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As much as I'm prone to the "if-I-just-forgo-sleep-and-work-through-the-night-I-can-pretty-much-finish-anything-I-really-need-to-get-done" mentality, it's probably not a good idea when it comes to painting. (Or, actually, anything else for that matter...)

I can generally conquer mental fatigue but when my arm has been elevated for 6 straight hours like I'm Andrea Zuckerman or something, it's time to make the Verizon call to the bullpen. In this case, the bullpen=my bed.

In Yankee news, Marcus Thames agreed to a minor-league contract with the Yankees to give themselves more left-field options. Thames, who turns 33 next month, began his major-league career with the Yankees in 2002 and homered on his first big-league pitch that June 10 off Arizona's Randy Johnson.

Interesting move. I'm into it. Mainly because I'm just so happy to read any Yankee news. They could have said, "Yankees finalizing 8-year contract with Julio Franco" and I'd probably be on board.

Plus, I feel like the more arbitrary the acquisition, the more my interest is piqued and consequently sated. Very clever, Cashman. It's kind of like when I see someone with a completely ridiculous get-up and I always end up complimenting it, regardless of whether or not I actually like it. I think it's because it's like begging for something to be said about it, and, well, as a general rule, it's better to be nice than a jerk.

I should probably just not say anything at all, I guess.


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