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The Yankees have an interesting way of doing things. Kinda like watching The Mighty Ducks beat Iceland by leveraging a figure skater, lasso-happy cowboy, Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez, and knuckle-pucker they found on the streets.

Jorge Posada stole a base. I listened to the first 4 innings of the game on the radio at work. And when I heard Sterling narrate the course of events that led up to Jorge Posada taking a base that wasn't an intentional walk, I automatically assumed it was another iteration of hyperbole from The Boy Who Cried Warning Track. Just as a ground-out to short can sound like a rocketing liner to deep center to the folks listening at home, I figured "And Posada steals second..." was most likely Posada taking ball 2 or something.

He currently has the only steal on my fantasy team this week. A team that boasts the likes of Jose Reyes and Evan Longoria.

My sister's take:

"That's impossible. Seriously. There's no such thing as a Posada stolen base. The ONLY way a 'stolen base' by Posada can accurately termed is 'defensive indifference.' Like, automatically....wait, actually, no. That's not right either. If Posada steals a base, it should be ONLY be called 'defensive incompetence.' That's the only way it can be accurately marked it the books."

So there it is. Victor Martinez's DI is Posada's SB.

Swisher knocked down a few more RBIs. He plays like he's playing Wii homerun derby or something. Not because of the dings themselves, but because of the sparky, effortless, casual way he plays the game. In fact, I think I remember reading something about his penchant for video games. What an awesome kid. So awesome that I don't even feel guilty about being That Fan who gets all enamored and wrapped in the the hot new firecracker on the team (think Pedroia, Markakis, Victorino, Shelley Duncan, Endy....)

Melky Carbera. He looks amazing. His cut is great, he just looks so much more athletic. Like he's 6 months behind on the Robinson Cano plan. A year and half ago he looked like a green little small fry who tried real hard and came through some times but mostly was like Sqints Palladorus. Now he looks polished and comfortable. I'm impressed, Melk.

The other morning/middle of the night when I woke up at some ungodly hour to do the CPM-ing for 2 hours, I end up going in and out of sleep to this J-Lo movie "Enough" which, crazily enough, centers on the story of a woman who overcomes her oppressed gender role to become strong and independent. She might have more of a stranglehold on that stock character than Ben Stiller does on his.

Anyways, so at the end of the movie, the *powerful* climax when she confronts her abusive husband and stands up for herself, he pushes her to the ground, and she recalls the words of her physical trainer: (at 2:36)

You're down.               
Lying there.
Seemingly beaten.
But hear me.
Hold on to my voice.
He's standing over you.
He thinks he's won,
And as sure as he's a coward,
he will try to kick you.
But because you know what he'll do...'re smiling inside.

Keep it up, boys. I'm smiling inside because I know no matter how much ribbing and snarks are made, the Yanks'll come out on top. Like J-Lo.

Bedtime. Maybe when I wake up in a few hours for more knee bending stuff, there'll be a fun lifetime movie on about binge drinking or sorority hazing to lull me into CPM-REM. Dare to dream...


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