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I'm back, baby.

The long, cold, cruel off-season is over. It was so (relatively) warm today in New York City, it was like Mother Nature was finally throwing us a bone: "Ok, ok. Just this once though. To celebrate." Like a nondrinker having champagne at midnight on New Year's Eve or something.

In fact, today WAS kind of like New Year's Eve... the last day of the year before the new season is upon us.

2011. The year of 28.

Although I have to say, as always, I've been remiss in keeping up with the Yankees during the offseason. But from my unrelenting emails from have suggested that the Yankees have had kind of a weird time off. I mean, no big blockbuster trades. We didn't get Lee (meh) or Crawford (stomach punch)...and there was some inexplicable dissention in the ranks with Cashman et al.

Oh, yeah, and that whole Jeter in the outfield thing was a little...out of left field. (Ahhh it's good to be back to making ridiculous baseball puns.)

I have a big presentation tomorrow at the office, (which means I can only wear my celebratory jersey for part of the day, but I can live with that)..but it also means I can't fully dive into my inaugural post tonight...

HOWEVAH, tomorrow afternoon? It's on like DK.

So here we go world. Time for it all to begin.

Time for the march to 28 to commence.

Time for Yankee season.

Life. Is. Good.

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