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The first two seconds of this pretty much sum up how I feel at the onset of the NFL playoffs.

I couldn't watch the Panthers-Giants game a few weeks ago, not so much because I was too nervous, although that normally would be the primary obstacle to actually seeing the game. But because it was discovered to be lucky to stay in the bar bathroom. Who am I to argue with the stars? 

So on my first day back at the office after a 5-day weekend, the biggest source of stress was not coming from the 3-foot tall stack of work on my desk. But rather, it was bred from trying to determine which permutation of superstitions would be most effective come this Sunday's Giants-Eagles match-up.

The LT jersey: 1-0. lost to the Vikings, but the study sample was contaminated with 2nd string players.

The Plax jersey: 10-2. I retired it after the Eagles loss. 

Bathroom locale: 1-0

Home vs Bar: 0-2 at home; 12-2 at bar

But I also am trying to remember everything I did and wore on December 7, 2008. Watched first half at home, left after Giants D ran in a TD before the half. Plax jersey. Watched with neighbor...

Oooh that might be tough. I'm slated to watch game with him, how do you tell someone he's persona non grata because you're persona non sanus? 

Watched second half at bar. Sat at right corner of the bar. 

This is ridiculous. I'm sitting in the bathroom, I don't have time to eff around with combinations like I'm taking pre-prom pictures. 

It does to call to mind an interesting question though: What if your team only won if you didn't watch the game? What if you spent 18 games sitting in a bar bathroom, and your team went you watch the Super Bowl and risk the guilt you'd feel if your team lost? Or do you stay immoveable in the bathroom and risk the regret you'd feel if you didn't see a single play? 

Me, I'd be kicking it with the bowl that was not of the Super persuasion. 


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