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Theoretically, I'm not going to argue with a W. But the actual road they took to get there was not favorable. I used to love watching the Yanks win on their long ball. It was exhilirating watching them win on a Giambi walkoff, or make a late inning comeback with a couple of dings. But seeing as that avenue isn't a recipe for consistency, I'd have preferred it if they did things the old fashioned way and just got on base.

9 men left on base. All but one of the runs was from a solo HR, and that one run? Throwing error. It's great the Yankees have hot bats, and I'm not complaining at all. But when you look at their BAs, they're not as pretty (with a few exceptions.)

Joba had a so-so outing, but Bruney continued to shine, which also makes me nervous. (When the hell did I get so cynical??) I just don't want Bruney becoming the next Scott Proctor. More generally speaking, I just don't want the Yankees to start looking like the Yanks of recent years, where we turned a blind eye to bullpen problems and relied on the big bats of sluggers to void the inadequacies of the B-list players.

I've always been ARod's 2nd biggest fan, but is it possible his impending return is causing the Yanks to revert to old style? More likely is that I'm being completely melodramatic from being cooped up in the apartment all day, when it's absolutely gorgeous out. I think the cat is pissed off that I'm home when I'm supposed to be at work, because he keeps giving me this look that says, "You realize that this is my me-time, right? Why the f aren't you at work, clown?"

Or maybe it was a look that said, "I'm scared of your leg that makes you look like a transformer. The Optimus Prime helmet isn't doing anything for my confusion, either."

Even though it was nice the Yanks played during the day because it gave me something to do while I was being completely inert, the downside of day games is the total lack of anything to watch at night (when you're still wrestling with the decision to buy MLB extra innings or not.)

The NBA playoffs? Is that on? Does it matter? I can't watch professional basketball for more than 14 minutes without losing interest. It's like watching tennis. Once in a while there's an impressive play, but since they made it illegal to ever make a stab at getting a rebound, it's like watching a CYO game in one of those gyms that middle school gyms that smell like paint and Reeboks.

Good job benching Ryan Ludwick, Kris. Is there anything more aggravating and frustrating than seeing your bench have a monster day? It's pretty annoying when you get a pistachio with a shell that's not open enough to crack, but since pistachios are peanuts non grata these days, the fantasy thing wins out.


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