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It's one game.
The Yanks are like a perpetual exercise in the struggle between optimism and did I see the game? Did Jeter go 3 for 5? Or choke with the tying run on 3rd? Did Brett Gardner showcase his speed...or make a brutal fielding error that turned a fly ball into a double? Did our pitching send us into anaphylactic shock>? Or did the overall .324 offensive effort look promising?

Technically, I didn't actually "see" the game in any way, except through the staccato viewing pleasures of's Gameday, which means I'd see Xavier Nady on a 3-0 count for about 35 minutes, and then all at once, 50 pitches and plays flash up on the screen and we're live 2 innings later.

CC getting shelled so early was aggravating, but due largely to the fact that I hate the idea that Sox fans are giddy right now. (Teix going 0 for 4 didn't really help, either, in the eternal defensive efforts Yank fans put up against haters.)

Guthrie's a solid pitcher, and I can't look at this as the apocalypse. Cano learned the virtues of patience at the plate. Hideki asserted himself in the pecking order. Swisher got it done. Damon continued to make me scratch my head, something I've been doing since about June of last year and have since assigned the same reaction to Tyler Hansbrough. (I have absolutely no idea why everyone hates that guy. None.) And I have absolutely no idea why Damon isn't considered better than he is. People snickered when he got picked up at my fantasy draft. But I don't get it. Didn't he bat .303 last year? With a bunch of stolen bases? If everyone is going to slice and dice Jeter's stats ad nauseum infinitum just to find some statistical proof he sucks, then how can the same people completely dismiss the numbers of players like Damon, CC, and Posada?

A-Rod's back soon. Poor guy. It's like getting completely hammered at an office party to the point of being That Coworker. The train wreck. You can't look away and it goes from being entertaining to just sad. And because offices always seem to have their parties during the week, he/she's gotta come to work the next day. Because the only thing worse than showing up to the gossip field day would be not showing up.

It's gonna be a hell of a season.

* * *

It's amazing how I can dismiss criticism of the Yankees so seemlessly, but when it comes to my own critics, I take it to heart in spades. (And clubs and diamonds?) In other news, I'm starting to get terrified at the prospect of ACL surgery. I have a feeling I'm going to be like one of those cartoon cats that someone's trying to get to take a bath, or when Christopher Lloyd is trying to put Roger Rabbit into The Dip. Yeah, that'll be me and the hospital on Thursday.


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