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So maybe my luck isn't ready to change just yet. Kind of like how Wang isn't ready to keep his ERA in the single digits just yet.

Another game I quasi-missed. Had one on the tv and one on my Yahoo Lobby (late draft with coworkers), but since I woke up this morning looking like Shallow Hal, aka with enough pink eye swamp around my eye to fill a toychest, the one eye on my draft was really the only functioning one. So, well, maybe that conjunctivitis worked out for the best since it prevented me from wholly witnessing the 15-5 rout. Chalk another one up to making lemonade outta lemons, I guess.

I'm finding the Wang-Igawa resemblance a little too unnerving right now. His sinker stinks. When a ground-out pitcher is giving up that many extra base hits, it's time to worry about the merit of his mechanics. The weak bright spot is that usually when this type of thing happens to the Yanks, some other pitcher inexplicably rises up like a phoenix, a la Mussina last year. And the other thing is something I noticed during my draft tonight. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of elite pitchers getting teed off on. Obviously Beckett, Lincecum, CC, Lester, Lidge, and Cliff Lee are phenomenal starters. But all of them are posting erratic ERAs that look more like the cab fare to LaGuardia than the anemic numbers they should actually be posting.

Of course, Carlos Pena was riding pine on Blue Wizzrobes today. Same thing with Andre Ethier, who I just dropped yesterday because his name sounds too much like something I'd find in the Noble Gases section of the periodic table. Let's hope Marco Scutaro makes me respect that decision to bring him on board. Same goes for Doumit, who replaces the 2-5 Navarro.

I talked to my mom after the game, who reminded me how I look too thin/tired/stressed out, and even though I came back with arguments of taking vitamins/eating healthy, she was most placated when I said, "Oh, and I didn't watch the Yankee game tonight so that's one less thing to worry about."

"No Red Sox arguments, either, I hope, right?"

Parents are always right. Plus, I love how my mom reads all my sports articles religiously when a lot of times it makes as much sense to her as a Organic Chemistry textbook would make to me. There are few things that mean more to me than that kind of selfless support.

In not as agreeable news, I also learned today that the Masters did not, in fact, take place on Thursday night. Hmpf. Man, did that hurt.


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