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In 2004, the Yankees lost 22-0 to the Indians, and the next day they won 5-3. This year? They lost 22-4 and won the next day 7-3. What's the significance? I don't know.

But more notably, the Yanks turned the game around with Posada's 2-run homer than called for an 8-minute review. If the call didn't stand at HR, the fan who bobbled the ball could have been a infintesimally small scale Steve Bartman. But as it were, he reached infintesimally small scale Jeffrey Maier status. The play that unhinged the floodgates for the Yankee Dynasty era.

It could be the painkillers, but I happen to think that this play may do the same thing for the Yanks season.

Today is the day that we stop hanging our hat on Wang.

Cody Ransom does something that isn't completely useless.

Bruney has reached reliable status.

The Yanks cease and desist their palpable fear of base-stealing.

AJ saves us from a losing streak again.

Teixiera is f'n worth his weight in gold.

Swisher made me smile.

Everyone (except 1) hit. (And everyone's swing looks sharp! Except for Matsui, but he didn't screw up today, so I can't complain.)

The Yankees catch a break.

From where I'm sitting, things are looking up.


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