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Texts from Friday night:

My first Yankee home game since josh beckett clinched against us 2001, is shockingly boring. -Augie, understandably subdued during the then 3-1 game. Sucks he got such a lame game to re-introduce him to Yankee Universe.

Well this is more like it. -Augie. Score: 4-3

!!!!!!- Augie. Final: 5-4

You've actually made me hate the Yanks less since I've been reading your blog. It makes sense to me why someone would cheer for them now. -Iowa Jeff, aka the man I've decided to marry in light of the the best compliment I've ever gotten ever.

I recognize all those words in that last text, but it didn't make much sense. -Iowa Jeff. Hmpf.

Mootz! How are you feeling?? My phone is almost out of battery, but I can come over if you need anything! -Laur, in response to the last text message I'd send that night ("Don't feel good") before I passed out with half a chicken cheesesteak on my face, in weird contortions on the couch, after only 2 beers, out of sheer fatigue. First day off crutches, first night of not working til 3am...yeah I totally made the most of it.

Hello?? Where are u? Lester is crying in the dugout if that helps. Some red sock is anyway. Maybe it's not lesface. -Laur, breaking it down to the most salient highlights

My buddies at the bar need to stop being so pessimistic. Down 2 runs, and all I'm hearing is "I HATE THIS TEAM." They needed that game. Last year Bill Simmons (I can't believe I'm quoting him not in spite) wrote something that I absolutely love*:
Finally, we need to name the goofy tradition that happens after every game-winning homer now, when the batter gets mobbed by his teammates and they all jump and down in a happy circle for a few seconds. Right now, I'm going with the "Walkoff Mosh Pit" just to make paragraphs like the following a little more efficient:

Isn't it weird that you can tell exactly how well a baseball team gets along by its Walkoff Mosh Pit? If there's some half-hearted jumping and it disperses quickly, then they hate each other. If it's a raucous mosh pit that goes on for three seconds too long, followed by 15 more seconds of hugging and helmet slapping, then they love each other. If it's somewhere in between, then they are ambivalent. And it's really that cut and dry.
And last night? The Yanks' Mosh Off Mosh Pit couldn't even stay put, and charged Melky somewhere around 2nd base. Awesome. Some players just look so much more excited and happy about walkoffs then others. On the Yankees, it's Melky, A-Rod, and Cano. The kids. And the adult who needs to remind everyone he's not a kid.

*As Iowa Jeff would say, I recognize what I just wrote, but it didn't make much sense.

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