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Why do I bother, I left work around the time NY1 was doing it's sports roundup which is one of the saddest, most uncomfortable segments. It's approximately 100% like the scene in "Mrs. Doubtfire" when Robin Williams is in the studio of the this kid's show, watching the host talk about dinosaurs.

"T-rex. He is...a carnivore."

And so I get home from office around the time the sports equivalent comes on the air, his mindnumbing monotone underscored by the total lack of call-ins. I mean, people will call into ANYTHING just to hear the sound of their own voice. (Which always mystifies me because who actually LIKES the sound of his/her own voice?)

I guess it's hard to resist chiming in with this kind of story lead in:

"Today I was thinking about famous Docs in sports. Doc Rivers. Doc Halladay. Um..Doc Gooden. Doc...uh....Doc Ayers. What are some other sports nicknames? Email yours in."

Then the topic moved to "Man, what the hell is UP with those abominable Mets, huh?" How long have I been out of the loop?? Last I checked they won 7 of their last 8. (I think one of the like 4 people who called in to the show pointed this out. I don't know who was more confused, Rob from Staten Island for hearing his favorite team is spiralling out of control because of 1 loss, or Kris from Manhattan who couldn't figure out why she was listening to a fireside chat about the Mets at 5:30am).

I was delirious, I didn't know any better. But, regarding the Mets, I think that their W-streak belies their actual level of play. The best teams in baseball right now--and not just based on their record, but how they look*--are:


Teams who aren't as tight as their record would suggest:


Teams that are exactly what their record says they are:


I'm glad they won. It was a pleasant surprise to come home to. I wonder if work would have been any more enjoyable if I had known they won.

7:37 PM Lauren: gross. i really like it when the yankees make errors that bring in runs. as if we have trouble getting runs scored against us to begin with.

It didn't sound particularly auspicious. I forgot to have faith in the Yankees. They'll be ok.

*Thank you, MLBEI. I don't remember life before you.


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