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I didn't see much of this one, it's 2-0 when I wake up on the couch around 2pm. Then 5-3 when I fall asleep again. 5-5 when I wake up. 6-5 when I fall asleep again, then 9-5 when I wake up. Apparently Mo blew the save big time. I saw Jeter, Damon, and Tex try to rally in the 9th and I thought, "Wow, if they pull this off, it will be the PERFECT afternoon-dozing-in-and-out-on-the-couch game."

Hence I have very little to remark on for this was that kind of weekend. Plus I'm mad that the game was cancelled on Friday. What am I aposed to do when I get home from work if there's no game on? Sometimes I wonder how I ever make it through the offseason without incurring any serious mental deterioration.

So, with Tex on 2nd, ARod worked around the fact he couldn't hit into a double play by doing the next worst thing, which was hit a "dribbler" that didn't advance the runner and effectively killed the rally. Posada has the longest at-bat ever that ends with a fly-out to center, and Cano lines out to end the game.

I hate it when a player gets out on a solid hit and the announcers say something along the lines of, "Well, you can't ask for much more than that" or "Couldn't have hit it better, so no blame there.."

Because you CAN hit it better and ask for more. You can hit it about 3 feet higher. Or you can ask for a hit that isn't caught. So while the hit may be a nice shot, I'd take a little dinker that falls in, rather than a line drive straight to a glove.


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