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So the Yankees use their first round pick for an OF--the last time they took an OF this high was in 2001 with the household name John Ford-Griffin. Which would suggest that their selection process is based on a dedicated desire to make their roster sound less like a offensive juggernaut and more like a Who's Who of Victorian-era novelists.

BUT, the evidence further mounts for their 27th title destiny. 29th pick. That's how I know they're taking home the bling this year in 2009. You can't argue with that airtight logic. You just can't. Mostly because I will not be slowed by logic.

My mom continues to remain firmly entrenched in the Best Woman Alive category, by offering her 2 cents on the draft:

"I was reading your blog this morning and linked to one of your favorite blogs where there was a story about the new Yankee. You have something in common.

Medical Update:

He had ACL reconstruction surgery in November and has been playing with a knee brace, but shows no ill effects. He recently sprained a shoulder diving for a ball in the outfield, but sustained no structural damage."

I was so intrigued when I saw an email from her this morning with the subject line "New Yankee"--how cool is that, I think. My mom keeping tabs on my favorite team's farm system! She's more informed than I am about this topic.

There may be no more profound testimony to the "Spoken Like a True Mother" idiom than my mom seeing the medical liabilities of our first round pick, as an interesting commonality between him and her daughter, rather than a slightly perturbing harbinger.

In other draft news, the Yanks wound up with only 2 picks last night, seeing as they traded in their inheritance for a bowl of chili last season.

Their other pick is a catcher from Bradenton, FL, John R. Murphy. I don't like this already. For starters, he sounds too much like the guy who sits behind you in Econ class. And to further indicate he has "group incompatibility"...the guy's a freaking Sux fan. I don't know who was doing the scouting on this guy, but I don't care if he runs a 2 second 90. I don't want some Jack Parkman taking up real estate on our roster.

Oh, and the Nats surprised everyone by taking Strasberg. Where they're going to get the change the bankroll this one is beyond me. But hey, they're in Washington. Maybe Obama will pony up. It wouldn't be the worst use of our nation's tax dollars.


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