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The Yanks didn't waste any time teeing off on Lowe. I expected more from him, but was happily surprised when they started batting around all over the place.

Oh, also. A child molester died and facebook became real beehive of activity with all the "RIP MJ" and "such a sad day! :(" laments. I don't understand people. I guess he's a cultural icon, but so is Charles Manson, and I would hope that no one is going to cry any tears over his eventual demise. Plus, is there any need for EVERY freaking bar in NYC to play only Michael Jackson songs ALL night? I practically had to sell my soul to the jukebox to get it to play "This is Why I'm Hot." Are we going to have to suffer through the same monotonous eulogizing when Celine Dion or Nick Lachey dies? Sweet Christ.

Maybe I don't have that historical perspective that others have. And by historical perspective, I mean even a crumb of knowledge about current events or pop culture, as demonstrated by the following exchange with my sister:

Kris (7:28:53 PM): michael jackson died??

Laur (7:29:28 PM): yes. and farrah fawcet :(

Kris (7:30:19 PM): whos that

Laur (7:31:15 PM): the former sec of defense

Kris (7:32:41 PM): ha i was way off i thought she was woody allens daughter



Kris (7:59:01 PM): thats not true

Thanks, Laur. Exploit my raging idiocy. No problem.

And thank you, HapyKorean for running to my defense on this one: "ha. but Kris, you could name all the Yankee HOFers chronologically. and isn't that really all that matters?"

Which brings me back to the more important issue, which is baseball. Specifically the game last night in which the Yankee bats woke up--ARod's most notably.

Of course. It was only a matter of time before they started acting like the Yankees again. It didn't hurt that Atlanta logged 3 errors. I actually thought it'd be more than that, every time I looked up from my wings and at the tv, there was another errant throw. Turner Field looked a pinball machine.

And the Yankees capitalized on everything, and played like they should be. The box score looked beautiful this morning:

Look at all those hits! Jeter 4/5, Damon 3/4, ARod, 3/5... it was just a site for sore eyes.

But I'd remiss in not mentioning the pitching, with Mariano Rivera locking up his 499th career save, one away from tying Trevor Hoffman as the only 2 pitchers to have 500.

Aceves looked aces, only letting up 2 hits in 2.1 innings, no runs. Rest of the bullpen only letting up 1 run in 4.4 innings. Well done, guys! That's great!

And to make the win even more enjoyable, the Sux lost to the Nats. See, it's not that easy, is it? Maybe you pathetic fans shouldn't have lambasted the Yanks so much last week, huh.

Shorter recap today, in light of having my first summer Friday of the year and spending it skipping around NYC, despite the awful, awful weather. I don't think I'd even mind this crappy weather so much if it weren't for the fact that people are like chemically dependent on umbrellas, and hence take up 2x as much space on the sidewalk. I opt to take one for the team and not use one to minimize the eye-poking.

And the other reason is that my poor ACL isn't crazy about this weather and whines alot in humidity.

But, semantics. Off to the batting cages to cheer up my ACL. And thanks to Iowa Jeff for this completely non-sports related, but still undoubtedly hilarious gem from my future husband, Duncan.


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