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A box full of rally monkeys from the stadiums I've been to. Oh and a nerf football. That's all I've packed so far.

The worst part is that this was my output for the goal "Pack something that frees up space or cleans out a bigger item."

Basically my subconscious interpreted this as less of a reasonable goal and more of a sardonic challenge. Because I managed to find the one category of items in the apt that free up approximately zero space, unless the curtain rod is now considered space.

Actually I guess in fairness to my subconscious, that's not outside the realm of possibility, considering I keep my cleats/soccer ball/basketball/mitt/softballs in the fireplace, and gift bags/gift boxes/shopping bags in the oven, and t-shirts in the freezer.

Subconscious: 1, CYC: 0


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