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Finally taking a breather after spending the day working on packing up the bedroom. All that's left is the kitchen and bathroom tomorrow.
Now I can enjoy the Yankee game, even though I feel like I'm watching it from Fenway, aka no matter where I sit in my living room, the my view of the tv is partially obstructed by boxes.


2 disgusting Red Sux fans just popped on screen?? UGH. What are they even doing there? The Red Sux are playing right now, why aren't they at home watching them instead of being the asinine fans that they are and coming to root against the Yankees? It's very off actually because they almost look like twins are sitting directly behind these 2 TB fans with matching hats. It's like a Trop Punnett Square or something.

(PS in my search for a Punnett Square reference, I came across this which is probably one of the weirdest f'n tats I've ever seen. And that's pitting it up against this ill-advised art.

I will never understand how the Trop field isn't the most Ireland-esque shade of green, and how it is always is marked weird patches, like someone started a paint by number, and then resumed it with a different shade of green. r

Ooh, rocket from ARod for a double. I wonder if Kay ever feels marginally embarrassed when he's all "THIS ONE IS DRIVEN TO LEFT. IT COULD GET THERE, GOING BACK....GOING BACKKKKKK...uh, off the wall!"

"It's your birthday, you got to party like it's your birthday," recites Singleton. Thank you for that, Ken.

Holy crap, they just showed the Yanks pitching stats since June 1. Wow. I had no idea that this pitching breakout had been going on this long. I thought it was just a post-ASB thing. So for the last 2 months, the Yanks arms are credited for:

2.97 ERA
21 Saves
.194 BA

Sweet Christ.

Speaking of pitchers, Albasdjkao [sic] just came in. He's still a Yankee?

Well, maybe not for long. He just put runners on, gave up a sac fly to Crawford, and now has hit a batter. Don't do anything rash yet, Girardi. There's still a 5-run lead.

Ok now, take him out. 4-run lead. Don't take any chances.

Thanks for giving it the old college try, "Albadefatso." (TM Kevin)

How impatient am I that every time a reliever gets called in and we cut to commercials, I immediately get frustrated that I can't use DVR to fast forward through the warmup pitches.

I was on and off the internet during my moments of procrastination weakness and saw the following topics popping up:

1.) Trade rumors of Bronson Arroyo to the Yankees. Well, I guess he's a 5th starter? I definitely like him more than Sergio, but Arroyo doesn't seem to align with the way the Yanks are playing ball right now. He's got high Ks, and can go deep in the game, yes. But the Yanks are playing less attack and more getting the job done. So I'd rather have a sinker ball pitcher who's not wild. Too bad Aroyo and Sergio can't make their own Punnett Square.

2.) Selig considering removing the lifetime ban on Pete Rose. Selig says he hasn't changed anything, but obviously the whole thing is coming up because of Hank Aaron's comment at Cooperstown this weekend about letting Pete Rose in. Not in favor of this, Hank. We got it. You're the homerun champ. Bonds isn't. It sounds like you're trying to be like, "I mean, SOME sins are ok and forgiveable. Pete Rose should be in. I'm not saying EVERYONE should be banned. I'm not territorial about the HOF, let Pete Rose in!"

Pete Rose broke the one cardinal sin in baseball. The ultimate, second-to-none, inexcusable law of baseball. MAJOR LEAGUE RULE 21. The ONLY rule posted on the wall of every clubhouse. Conversely, ARod did steroids in a time when steroid wasn't punishable. How is one worse than the other? Ugh, I'm losing health arguing this point I think.

3.) The Mets do that whole thing where they decide they're not going to get back page press from the Post based on their talent, so they leverage their messy state of front office affairs, shaving that much more off their dignity and class. Omar Minaya goes to town on Daily News writer Adam Rubin. I don't even know if I understand all the intricate he-said-she-said-ness of the this quibble, but Omar essentially implied, in a roundabout way, that Rubin conspired to get Tony Bernazard fire so Rubin could have his job.

And here I thought Bernazard got fired because he spurred on a fight in Double A, got into an intense confrontation with K-Rod, and berated an employee over a stadium seat mix-up. I don't really like the Daily News, and typically have not that much respect for Mets beat writers, but c'mon the poor guy doesn't deserve to be called out like that on no grounds whatsoever. How is he supposed to cover his team now? Why would anyone talk to him if there's suspicion he's lobbying for jobs?

Really, really declase, Omar. Get your shit together and start with your team before getting on innocuous reporters.
And back to the game at hand...

Hm. Damon kinda looks like a pale Melky. Weird. Oh, and congrats on #200!!! I love how, on any team, the teammates go out of their way to fetch the game ball when one of the players hits a milestone. It's just so selfless, and such a pure act of pride and support. We take it for granted in sports, but it's rare in every day life. You got your closest best friends who will save your first column or who will save the champagne bottle from your first raise. But a whole team? It's nice.

I watched "For the Love of the Game" today and now I can add that to the short list of movies that has made me cry. I don't know what it is about Kevin Costner that lends himself to baseball movies so well, but I'm gonna go ahead and say the Billy Chapel character is now the Rosetta Stone of male traits. Loyal, hates losing, likes baseball, and doesn't talk a lot.

The only thing I don't like about that movie is that Costner's team is playing the Yankees in the end (as is standard operating procedure for pretty much any baseball movie.) So I've learned to accept the Yankees are not only the Evil Empire in real life, but since the dawn of cinema, too.
But I DON'T like how the Yankee fans are portrayed in the end. Yankee fans would never scream "You're a bum, you're done! Retire!" to an aging pitcher. Not because we're nicer than that, but we're more creative. And admittedly probably less, uh. salubrious in our word choices.

Plus the Rainman Yankee fan in the airport bar was just preposterous. "I can name a Yankee for every number there is. 1, Billy Martin. 2, Derek Jeter. 3, Ruth. 4, Gehrig. 5, Dimaggio..." Anyone's who been a Yankee fan for that long doesn't have to reiterate his fandom by this rote exercise.

Niiiccee. David Robertson stops the bleeding and gets the final out. I wonder if part of Albadefatso wanted Robertson to let up a run so that he wouldn't feel so stupid. Or if he hoped Robertson did really well and kept the team from getting too close for comfort. I don't know, in high school, the pitchers were so uber-competitive, I could tell none of us were really rooting for each other. And I know they're not HS-ers, but Albadefatso isn't packing much more talent than one.

Kay just did a little SteinerSports promo, and I thought that, instead of saying, "Hey, wanna order a piece of history?" he was saying, "Hey, wanna order a pizza, Mr. C?" I had so much questions. Well, first of all, I was thinking, Can the YES booth stop thinking/talking about food for 3 minutes? The second thought was, Who's Mr. C?

I got a bone to pick with Steiner Sports. My Yankee Stadium chair still isn't here. I would LOVE to own a pizze/piece of history, Steiner. WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE HOLD UP? It's gonna arrive at my apt after I move, and they'll be hell to pay.

What the...? ANOTHER set of twins? Is it a promo night there? It must be. This is odd. Or maybe it's like that human mirror experiment they did on NYC subways...

And the Yankees win, 11-4.

4 HRs from the Yanks, 2 from Swisher. Talk about streaky.

Good game, Yanks. Flaherty put it best (yeah, I know what I just said) when he said, "It's almost as if the Yankees are taking the field and putting their heads down and just getting the job done and 3 hours later they look up and are like, 'oh, we won.'"

Well said, Flash. I think I almost caught the faintest hint of a smile, too?

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  1. Jeff said...
    Please tell me that's not the first time you've seen "For Love of the Game." It got dismissed as a chick flick by too many people, but it's really better than that. Not Field of Dreams or Bull Durham good, but good. The scene where all the teammates are making great defensive plays to pick up Chapel when he's got nothing left, gets me every time.

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