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CHICAGO -- The Yankees have acquired utilityman Jerry Hairston Jr. in a Trade Deadline deal from the Cincinnati Reds, the New York Post reported Friday

Hairston played six positions this year for the Reds, including all three outfield spots, though he was primarily used as a third baseman and shortstop.

He is batting .254 with eight home runs and 27 RBIs this season. He's hitting .353 (6-for-17) over his past seven games.

It was not immediately known what the Reds received in exchange for the 33-year-old Hairston.

I've heard that AJax was the one dealt. Which would have make so little sense, it makes me angry. But no. Chase Weems was dealt. You could practically hear the hearts breaking all over the country, over this household name's departure from his roots.

Speaking of breaking, Shelley Duncan gets the call up, and you could practically hear forearms crushing all over the country.

"I really don't understand why the Yankees didn't make a move for another starter." --Kevin

Fair. I don't either. Although my theory is that they were worried about appearing frantic and Boston-y. And that they suspected, rightly so, that no matter what trade they made for a pitcher, it would be met with criticism and if it didn't pay out handsome dividends, aka WS bling, then they'd get crucified. Trading for JHII= aim small, miss small.

And, to be sure, JHII is no slouch. The Yankees made a classic no-risk fantasy move: go to the available player list. Find one that's good all around. I bet the amound of times this guy is picked up and dropped and picked up again in fantasy leagues across the country is easily in the Top 10.

He's not the player you pick up when you're looking to satisfy a specific need. That'd be Willy Taveras or Bronson Arroyo or Youkilis. Those guys have jacked up stats in one or 2 categories but flatline in others.

I wanted Washburn. Or a pitcher. But I am glad they didn't trade for a iffy arm. I don't think I could handle seeing a stretch of starts that call of flashbacks of the Loiaza choice.

The Loiaza Choice. Sounds like a Lifetime Moive.

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  1. Miss Cleo said...
    "So the Sox won and Yanks lost. It's a good day to put things in perspective. I'm quite certain they'll take the next 3."

    O RLY?

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