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From the, August 21:

A knife-wielding mugger wearing a Boston Red Sox cap has been targeting mostly young women in a seven-month reign of terror on the subways.

The thug has struck 13 times since January on nine different lines across four boroughs. Ten victims have been female.

Police sources described the fiend as a smooth operator who sidles up to his victims, flashes his blade and calmly makes off with cash, bank cards and other valuables.

"He is very confident with himself," a source said. "He walks off very calmly in many cases. He doesn't attract attention."

Let this be a lesson to NYC. Apparently we've become so accepting of Boston lifestyles, that a guy sporting a Red Sux cap doesn't attract attention. Can you imagine if this was the other way around? If a Yankee-cap yielding thug was terrorizing whatever the poor man's version of the subway is over in Beantown? The T, I think?

He'd be lucky if he was even ALLOWED to get on the train. When I went to Fenway in 2005, no cab driver would even take me because of my Yankee hat. I'm not even kidding.

So that's what it's come to. The Yankees are in Boston right now, patiently waiting to be admitted into the fiery pits of hell that is Fenway. Ok, I may be playing it a little fast and loose with "fiery" considering what the Sux have been putting out on the field as of late. Maybe the flickering pits of hell would be more appropriate a classification.

And in the meantime, be safe on the subways, NYers. Apparently Sux fans have accepted that the only way they're going to conquer NY is if they resort to criminal activity. How symbolic. After dominating us for the first half of the season, it looks like NY isn't lying over for dead for them anymore. No more handing over Ws.

Well, if the Sux want to subjugate the Yanks at Fenway tonight, they're going to need a lot more ammunition and resolve than this degenerate subway thug.


  1. Pooser said...
    Yet another reason to not trust Boston fans! I was in Beantown the weekend the Yankees swept the Red Sux, and it was funny how quiet the Sux fans were. Not so tough when they are kissing the Yankees butt in second place! HA!
    CEB said...
    Effin' chowderheads.
    Anonymous said...
    Can we deport people to other cities? Keep the crime up in Boston. NYC is safer.
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    See, the article says he's very smooth, charming and non violent. Which means that he's basically going up and asking people for their stuff and people are handing it over to avoid being killed and hurt. WHAT KIND OF LESSON ARE WE TEACHING? Come to NY from Boston and we'll let you bean us with pitches and take our ipods??

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