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There are few things more confusing in life than Amtrak's automated customer service system, martini glasses, and Andy Pettitte's 2009 win-loss record (9-6, 4.14). Since the ASB, our beloved lefty has kept hitters barely above .200, while sporting an anemic 1.87 ERA. In that time, Nick Markakis has been the only player to take Andy deep. And in that time, Andy has collected exactly one W.

Tonight that changes when he takes the mound against the run-starved Mariners and their pitcher who sounds more like a recent southern college grad turned smarmy "I-Banker," rather than a run-of-the-mill southpaw. Which is exactly what he is.

The good news for him is that his forgettably meh numbers (2-1, 3.86) may soon become more notable, albeit through potential gross inflation, when he faces the beasts from the east tonight. The good news for us is that Seattle has been outscored 49-18 in their last 7 games.

Jorge Posada reenters the mix, after missing yesterday's game due to swollen fingers. Alex Rodriguez is scratched on account of back spasms, but it looks like the Yanks can work around the absence of his appreciably impactful bat. Last night's 11-1 mess demonstrated how cohesive a unit this team has become. Now they just need to let Andy in on their joy ride and buoy our boy into a double-digit W record.


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