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So in the vast expanse of time that was my Thursday night aka off day, I had exactly enough time to develop a disposable camera I found underneath my couch when I was moving, to catch up on 2 episodes of DVR-ed Monk, and eat half my weight in sour gummy Lifesavers.

I used up the remaining exposures on the camera during my getaway day with Boston, at the High Line. But I was pretty curious to see what occupied the beginning of the roll--I just assumed it had to be pics of my Confirmation or birthday party in 6th grade at The Rink, seeing as that was roughly the last time disposable cameras had any remote utility.

Instead, it was about 12 pictures from a Yankee game that took place almost exactly 4 years ago to the day.

I'm surprised I even had the energy to take pictures at that game since it was, at the time, the hottest game on record at Yankee Stadium. I was about 87 miles from anything that resembled shade, too. I remember ARod hit one of the longest shots the Cathedral had ever seen, fell in with the ambulances, and you still could have heard a pin drop in the there because every one was too dehydrated and drenched and sunstroked and disgusting to move from their seats. It was thighs-sticking-to-the-bottom-of-seats hot.

It was in the Top 3 of happiest I've ever been to see the game end with a walk off.

PS I'm still at work. I have yet to see an inning of this massacre going on in Fenway right now. But I'm gonna pull a page from the YES network's book and name the player of the game prematurely:

Kevin for texting me pictures of Fenway while at the game tonight.

(I'll post them in recap.)


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