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I never liked the word Sox in a team name because what's the singular form? "Who's your favorite Red Sock?" My Red Sox fan sources are adamantaly against this. "Noooo. It's Red Sox. Not Sock. Sox." As a former English major who sees red with your vs you're scandals, this doesn't sit well with me.

"Sox" especially don't/doesn't sit well with me when the Yankees, no matter how charged a surge they're on, hit an impenetrable wall upon facing a Sock.

The Yankees are now 0-11 against Sox. They're getting the Gomer Pyle treatment, but instead of of soap, it's runs. Still just as painful I think.

I watched the game with my White Sox buddy Strange. Strange being his name, not the practice of hanging out with a ChiSox fan. I have to say, out of all the fans of opposing teams that I've watched games with, he is the most palatable. Which is strange.

A few thoughts on the day:

  • "Ozzie Guillen doesn't do bullpen calls like every other manager. He doesn it like a fat person. Instead of putting his hand on his upper arm, he just sticks his arms out, and hurriedly waves in the reliever. Like he's a ticket-checker at a stadium moving a line along. Strange points this out to me, and I almost die.

  • "Nice. ARod just made a gratuitous package grab on camera. He's currently leading the league in that area." Again, thanks for looking out, Strange.

  • I absolutely cannot stand when annnouncers say after an inning-ending caught line drive, "Well, can't really ask for better than that." Yes. Yes, you can. You can ask for them to hit the ball a few feet to the left. Or few feet higher. Or essentially you can ask for the ball to not be hit into an out.

  • Between the 2 teams, there have been 50 hits in the last 2 days. Seems a little odd, especially given the way the game have been going up to this series. I thought the Yanks had some kind of deal going where the score cannot significantly deviate from 6-2, regardles of whether NY's on the winning or losing end. I liked the consistency and neatness of this system. Not really a big fan of this beastly output.

  • The game overall was hard to watch not only because of the offensive pounding, but because the defense everywhere was really disgusting. The ball spent more time being bobbled or kicked around in surrounding dirt than it being nestled in a glove. They looked like they were playing with Mexican jumping beans.

  • Gardner doesn't have a discernible production impact on the Yankees. But maybe we underestimate the scrappy little outfielder. How many times did we advance on the basepaths in the last few days? 1 stolen base. I don't know, I don't want to overvet his utility but part of me feels like Gardner is like the rabbit in the NYC Marathon--the guy who runs the whole race to set the pace and to continue get runners to press on.

  • Is there anything in the world that can justify Cody Ransom? Does he have a single redeeming qualitfy beyond converting oxygen to CO2?

  • Posada's defense is getting worse every day. And this wasn't one of those games where his defense is inversely proportional to his offense. (0 for 3)

  • They went through 4 relievers, the most hurting performance off the hands of Phil Coke (6Rs).

  • Something I noticed during this brutal slaying: Girardi's expression and attitude in the dugout was shameful. He stood with his arms crossed, glaring at anyone who made the mistake of making eye contact. And worst of all, he kept shaking his head in disgust and looking very much like Belichick when he bolted off the field 2 second before Super Bowl 42 wrapped up. I'm not saying he has to be all little leagued out and give encouraging thumbs up, etc. But either go up and talk to the pitcher to calm him down, or try to fetter yourself in the dugout from looking like you're embarrassed of your team.

  • Is there anyone out there who knows why Girardi likes Posada about as much as projectile vomit?

  • My ex boyfriend used to say that one day there's going to be a syndrome or disorder officially established in the medical world that stems from chronically imagining your phone ringing. Well, imagining isn't the right word perhaps. (It's not like lying awake in bed and thinking to yourself about all the wonderful times you and your ringe tone have had.) It's like being in the shower and whipping open the shower curtain because you're convinced you heard it ringing. I think I need to change up my ringtone, because with my ringer/text alert/alarm clock/every other alert sound that uses a tone, all set to "I'm On a Boat," I have that song reverberating in my head 24/7.

  • The rest of the day was average. Played beirut and lost. Projectile vomit came into play courtesy my partner, a "Ok I got the table and no one to play with me" pick up from the bar's waiver wires. I swear to God, I am the worst judge of character in the world. The guy I played with before him rationalized his 0-fer with "I'm not really a big sports fan." So many things wrong with that. Even more things wrong with his follow up: "I mean, I love NASCAR but that's about it."

So that was about the long and short of my night. The Yankees were thrown in a Yahtzee dice cup and aggressively shaken up before being whipped back onto the table. Today we got CC and Beuhrle matchup. Beuhrle's name seems like a bevy of typos whenever I write it. Like it looks like it should be Beurlhe. Keep all the tall letters together.

Regardless of how this game goes, I'll be happier to get the hell outta Chicago than I was to get out of high school.


  1. Strange said...
    "Beuhrle's name seems like a bevy of typos whenever I write it."

    Maybe b/c it's Buehrle. Also, two things about watching with me: 1. I also like the Yankees, so I was pretty relaxed. 2. It is pretty easy to relax once you hang a 6 spot up in the 2nd and lead the whole way.

    Good times.
    jimm ny said...
    Why is Ransom still on the team, A-rod is back we have Hinske and now Hairston. Send him to AAA free up a spot
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Strange, you rule. Thanks for kicking it with me and bridging the nonexistent gap that's existed for years between Yankee and ChiSox fans. And most of all, thank you for hitting 100% of the beirut cups and not punching my arm even though I tried really hard to get you to.

    Additionally, I'm gonna echo Jimmy's sentiment about Ransom. Honestly, I'm beginning to think that their might be something more to his namesake...if I were the Yankee brass, I'd start taking inventory of all their staffers and staffer families, bc I bet they discover one's missing and has been held Ransom by someone who wants a spot on the roster.
    jimm ny said...
    Touche' chick touche' your onto something...

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