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The ones that aren't just keeping their mouths shut and taking their lumps, are getting all racketedly about A-Rod's walkoff. Steroids, blah blah. Anything to diminish the accomplishment. Like "About time! Still doesn't make you clutch..." or "he was due, what's the big deal" or "wow cool. A bomb in Yankee Stadium. That's really hard."

Regardless of what the rationalization is, the fact remains:

If it's so easy and so undeserving of merit, then why couldn't one of the Sox do it at any point in the nearly 6 hours the game carried on?

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  1. nyydevoted said...
    You're so right. They do not recognize the amount of dedication and work it takes just to accomplish what A-Rod did last night. He deserves some kind of respect and awe.

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