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After the LETDOWN of last night, I'm hoping the Yankees make a collective decision to do what they did in the 9th inning, in the first 8. I guess for any OCD folks or math junkies, there was a certain symmetry to the line score.

The Rangers teed off on us last night, propelled by the production from Elvis "Where was this guy when I was looking for my sleeper pick?" Andrus, Josh Hamilton, and Michael Young. he Yanks took the L because they played like a guy who drives with one foot on each pedal: swift surges with jolting stops. Pitching didn't help, either.

They'll need to maintain more of a consistent rhythm tonight, because although they did manage to knock around rookie Derek Holland (7-7, 4.72) in their last meeting (a 9-2 W on May 27), the southpaw is 3-0 with a 1.29 ERA in his last 3 starts. And with the heart of the Rangers' lineup slugging .500, Andy could use the support. The Yanks still have a 6 game lead on the Red Sox, and while technically I guess the loss last night is good in terms of souring the Wild Card race for them, neither the Red Sox nor I are considering the AL East title a foregone conclusion.

Tonight could be another offensive circus, and I predict Hideki Matsui continues his explosive output (he's already got 2 HRs on Holland, and an obscene BA against Texas). Jerry Hairston Jr. will start in LF, and Nick Swisher'll take the 2-spot with Johnny Damon out.

Guess his bunt last night must've impressed somebody.


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