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Even though I still have to "carry the 1" when I'm doing simple addition, I still--like most baseball fans--am obsessively drawn to numbers as it relates to the game. So if I had a farm, I'd be betting it on the Yankees tonight, as they try to stop the supernatural win-drought against their AL East rival.

Whichmeans that in our 108th game, we try to go 1-8 against a team whose post-ASB record is 8-10.

Joba Chamberlain gets the ball tonight, and despite losing in his last meeting with the Sox, he blanked 12 in 5 innings, and subsequently opened the floodgates of ire towards Girardi and his haphazard managerial moves. Tonight our prodigal son will go up against a guy who inspired the following claim from an old Boston pal: "You'll probably win. I think we send out Smoltzuzaka that day." Though most likely a thinly veiled jinx effort, you can't ignore the fact the Sox hurler is entering Wang-territory, ERA-wise (9.18 since the ASB) And there's those numbers again.

While both teams are still pounding the ball with equal merit, the Yankees are making their hits count, whether they're going yard or manufacturing runs. Hitless in 6 RISP attempts last night, Boston is playing like they're frustrated and desperate, or like they've been swapping bad timing and misfortune germs with the other NY team.

I'll say this: if the Yanks lose their 9th straight tonight, it will easily take a bullet train to the top of the unexplained mysteries list. I'll be in attendance in section 405. (4+5=9, as in 9th game? Maybe I'm reaching. Just for good measure, I just picked up the oddly available Johnny Damon #18 in my fantasy league.) See ya in the Bronx, Boston.


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