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I trust stats and historical evidence about as much as I'd trust a drunk ventriloquist. So the fact that Accuscore projects the Yankees to have a 73% chance tonight of beating the Orioles means little. So does the fact that:

  • CC Sabathia takes the mound and tries to become the first 16-win pitcher this year
  • The Yankees have beat the O's in the last 9 meetings.
  • The Yankees have won every single series against the O's since 1997.
  • The Yankees have taken Baltimore pitchers deep 20 times in the last 9 games.
  • The O's starter Jason Berken's record is 4-11.

It's these games that unnerve me. Even with the best pitcher in the league who Melvin Mora and Brian Roberts are a combined .170 against...even with Jorge Posada overcoming his inability to count to go yard twice last night...even with our fielders working as a defensively aggressive swat team against balls-in-play...even with Robinson Cano gorging on his newfound acquired taste for RBIs...and even with a lineup where each batter can butcher an opposing hurler, the game still needs to be played.

That said, any Yankee fan reading this knows this is just a resolute avoidance of jinxing anything. Because we also know that the fact of the matter remains: our boys are good and only getting better. Here's to keeping the M60-YankTank moving right along.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Tex and Posada with the day off. So Girardi's not shy about treating this one like it's in the bag. And if anybody's gonna give me odds of about 3:1, I'll take the O's on principle.

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