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After I watch CC make handiwork of the O's, it's on to watching Big Blue do the same to the Skins.

I just saw a guy in the elevator of my building who took note of my LT jersey and we had the following exchange:

Man: You going to play football today?

CYC: Um, no I'm to watch it.

Man: Where? (?)

CYC: Uh, at home.

Man: You wear a jersey to watch football at home?

CYC: Yes, it's my NFL Sunday jersey.

Man: Oh. NFL Sunday.

CYC: a football fan?

Man: No. I don't watch football, baseball, or go to the movies.

I will now avoid ever stopping at the 33rd floor. He also happened to look disturbingly like the Green River Killer. Like, identical.

Moving on, Giants-Skins. Here's what we got:

1.) RUN THE BALL. The last time I saw this team play (not counting pre-season) they were inexplicably averse to handing the ball over to Jacobs for the better part of the game. Run. the. ball. Bradshaw and Jacobs make or break this game for us.

2.) I'm extremely interested to see what kind of tone is set for our WR utility. The new guy obvi ain't no Plax, but backup Nicks is going to most likely be seeing some time today, and in a 16 game season, we don't have the luxuty of letting him get comfortable in his own skin. (No pun intended. Really.) Eli needs to establish a dynamic with Nicks asap. Game 1. Lock it up.

3.) I'm so happy the Giants defense is back in my life. Few athletic displays are more remarkably impressive than the take-no-prisoners attack they bestow on teams. Jump early, Blue. Let's see what you got.

4.) After the running game with Bradshaw/Jacobs, the most important aspect of this game may very well be between Osi (WELCOME HOME!!!) and Washington's left tackle (I spell it out because I've already had one confusion today over saying LT. Cough, Glenn, cough.) If Osi Uniasmoreayasda [sic] can handle Chris Samuels, we're gold.

5.) Albert Haynesworth. Sigh. Make him a non-factor. Please. He's the only threat for them. He's billed to be a bear, but the Giants attack is underestimated. For the all the talk about how Belichik is a strategic genius, the Giants are pretty effective themselves about punching holes in teams' best lines of defense.


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