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1.) Text from Kevin: "He wanted to be a superhero. I hope they cut him before he reached the sideline."

2.) Jon Gruden: "What a mistake by McKelvin!"

3.) If the Bills had lost by 20, they would have left Foxboro with more dignity.

4.) The Bills had the game locked up. LOCKED. UP. They were less than 2 minutes away from embarrassing the Pats AT HOME in Week 1, in a game no one thought they stood a chance in. Wasn't there 1 person on the Bills sideline that had the "Ok, ok, ok, let's quit while we're ahead" or "OMG, I'm afraid to do anything else and mess this up" mentality? Not one? Why do subpar teams always do this? I would think that the natural inclination would be naive happiness that you held your own and hence a conservative desire to just cash in your chips and not go all in?

5.) Here are some other instances of this that come to mind:

i.) May 20, 2006
ii.) November 19, 1978
iii.) March 23, 2006
iv.) January 2, 1984
v.) December 3, 2007

Anyways. Whatever. I wouldn't be too fired up over this one, Boston. You beat the Bills. At home. "That's like being the coolest guy at Shenanigans!"

And your boy Brady? Looks about as frightening as shampoo.


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