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After Swish took us home, I decided to actually make my way back home from the office. And being completely enamored of fall weather, I think, "why take a cab, when I can walk through Union Square circa midnight, and hop a subway."

A bajillion subways, running 24/7, each with a dozen cars. I get in the one with this guy holding court. And continues to do so after inexplicably changing seats to sit next to the one I'm in.

I'm not kidding. Although this guy is Pavarotti compared to the one next to me on the 4 train at 11:45pm.

The best part? After I give up trying to avoid eye contact so as not to encourage him, I look over to see him opening his booksack and placing it contents in front of me. Which included an assortment of these.

It's an interesting start to September, the month of the year I completely abandon any remaining sensibilities, in favor of total subscription to insane fandom. Anyway who knows me will confirm that I'm a high strung caricature of madness for the next 2 months. I've even once tried to argue that baseball fans should get the equivalent of maternity leave during this time period. We don't need 6 months. Just 6 weeks.

As I predicted in July, I will at some point long for the easy days of listening to games on the beach. But September's here. And perhaps my fellow commuter was symbolic, in a way. Meaning:

Real Crazy begins today. No looking back now.


  1. Anonymous said...
    What happened after he showed you the stuff in the bag?
    ~Brian said...
    I think you missed the part where she jammed the saw in his throat, then said some witty/sarcastic Schwarzenegger-type line. You need to read more carefully.
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Hahahaha. Well played @~Brian. I jammed my fingers into my ears and closed my eyes, in a throwback to toddler days, because that's the only way to get something undesirable to disappear.

    I seriously actually WAS about to snap at the singing though, I swear I was like 2 seconds away from telling him to shut up. And then he took the blades out. And by blades, I mean TRUMP CARD.

    Dammit. Dude came prepared.

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