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They're just so good. So, so good.

And it's something we haven't seen since the 1990's.

They're in lockstep with each other. They're hitting on cylinders. They're en fuego, in sync, in a rhythm, and every other cliched expression in the book.

Which now terrifies me.

It's like a macrocosm of watching a perfect game unfold. There was a screening of Don Larsen's perfecto (the 2nd time they ever showed it ever, actually) in a bar in New York a few years ago. And I knew how that game ended, and I still had white knuckles from clenching by beer so tightly our of sheer nerves.

Let's review (and I'm playing it fast and loose with "review" since my viewing of the game was somewhat hampered, cough. Um I was checking the a ... specs on the end line, for the rotary, girder, I'm retarded.)

  • Jorge Posada didn't lose track of the pitch count, homered, and drove in 4 runs.

  • Alex Rodriguez did the WNBA version of Jeter's diving catch. Chased it hard, then looked awkward, missed completely, but still managed to aggressively collide with a stocky lady.
    ARod also homered. And as ARod is wont to do, he hit when it was important. Every time he does this, my first reaction is raging pride, the 2nd is raging fury...directed towards the haters. They haven't even said anything, and I already am arguing with them. Like shadow boxing with baseball fans.

  • Gaudin is winning me over little by little, which is essentially inversely proportional the degree of decline and ire I feel towards Brian Bruney. And for absolutely no reason. He actually didn't implode tonight. No one did. The pitching line for the Yanks is simply outstanding: 10Ks, 6 hits.

  • I still am not on board thought. I think it all went wrong for him when he decided mouthing off to K-Rod was a good idea. Brian Bruney makes bad decisions. There it is. Done. Girardi must have some kind of Joe Torre/Mike Borzello nepotism going on. Or, Girardi knows what he's doing after all, and we should respect his idiot savantness, and just sit back and enjoy the lights-out bullpen parade.

My buddy Gripp Mike delivers me this pithy capsule of awesome:

The Yankees' bullpen has the most wins and the least losses in all of baseball! That is really incredible. Then of course breaking the franchise record for most guys with 20 HRs is amazing. And now if they go 14-14 they will win 100 games!"

From your mouth to God's ears, buddy.

And now I shall echo the sentiments of Saved By The Bell alum in her most gripping performance...

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  1. jimm ny said...
    wow i thought(alright hoping), you were going with a Showgirls montage by that Saved by the Bell alum...Speaking of which ever notice the uncanny likeness of Screech and Brian MacNamee just saying..
    Good win, hope Rivera finishes up strong and grabs that elusive CY,

    Maybe Jeter toothe with MVP, but with the anti-Yank bias doubt that either could happen....
    enjoy your weekend

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