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It's gotten to the point where I'm so starved for baseball that even hearing 68,756* Patriots chant "Yankees Suck!" put a little spring in my step, because at least it meant I got to hear "Yankees" screamed raucously. Oh, New England. Your sense of logic is only matched by your sense of failure.

Well, a few things a little off with your rationale, Foxboro.
1.) The Yankees don't suck. They are World Champions.

Actually, I guess that's the only thing wrong with their logic. Unless you count that it has little to no relevance at the conclusion of an NFL game. Semantics.

On a side note, what's the reasoning behind Brady's "Comeback Player of the Year" award? Seriously. I'm not even just knocking this out of NE hate. I just don't understand it. It's because he came back to play football after he was out for a year for a torn ACL?

I mean, when you think about it, the last time Brady played really was the 2007-2008 season, which was one of the most amazing QB seasons of all time. He would single handedly inflate fantasy owners weekly totals to astronomical proportions.

And what he did this year was not exactly anywhere close to that kind of output. And yet he's the comebacker of the year? I get that he's not going to perform at that unreal level in the season after surgery, but when you consider what he should be playing like, it seems a little too forgiving to award his current performance with such accolades.

On another side note, one that DOES have its origins in NE hate, Tom Brady sucks.

37 days left til Pitchers and Catchers report to camp. Thank God. In the meantime, some quick hits about my offseason trials and tribulations...

  • Watched the BCS game last week, though my knowledge of college football is roughly on par with my familiarity with M*A*S*H. When I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, I picked up an acoustic and held it and was surprised when my fingers didn't automatically know what to do. I just figured 20+ years of piano playing would give me some kind of innate all-encompassing musical sense. Not true in the slightest. Similarly, an equal devotion to MLB and NFL did not grant me omniscience to the finer details of all other sports. In fact, before the game started, I told my sister that I hope Colt McCoy is on one of the 2 teams, because he is the only college football player I know.

    "I don't even know if he stills plays college. He could be the backup QB for the Rams for all I know."

    The only reason I even know his name at all is because when I was going to spring training 2 years ago, I desperately wanted to sidestep having to talk to the person next to me on the plane, and hence pretended to be ridiculously engrossed in the first article in SI that I opened up to. Which happened to be a profile on Colt McCoy.

    So not only did it turn out he still played, but played for one of the teams in the Championship Bowl! That cemented my decision to root for Texas. That, and the fact I will never ever root for for a red team. For obvious reasons. (All of that, by the way, is still more substantiated logic than chanting "Yankees suck.")

  • The Rangers have been above-moderately disappointing this year. Though they did put out a good W over the Bruins this weekend. But their overall game is so lackluster that despite the early Giants exit and the absence of baseball, I still can't get too invested in watching them.

  • I installed a Pop-A-Shot hoop into my apartment, so my reasons for stepping outside into the world are decidely evaporating. Too bad I can't fit a trampoline in here.

  • Minka and Jeter set their wedding date for November 5, brilliantly dodging any potential baseball scheduling conflict. I wish everyone would apply this same logic when planning their weddings. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, when I do eventually tie the knot, it'll be February 29 so I only have to celebrate it once every 4 years, and so the worst thing I run the risk of missing is college basketball, which I'm okay with.

  • On a final note, my sister's boyfriend's buddy was mistakenly in my phone as "David Cone" (I'm getting like my parents in terms of operating technology) and hence the sis's bf's buddy received a text from a chick he met once, for all of 45 minutes about 6 months ago that said, "You're leaving yes???"

    My sister later said he was pretty confused about many things, including but not limited to, why I was texting him out of nowhere, where I thought he was leaving to, and why I was so excited about it.

    It could have been worse. His number could have been inputted as my boss's number, I guess. Yet another notch in my ever growing case of why I should avoid social interaction.

Bring on baseball. Please.

*Probably much, much less, actually. Maybe 20,000, when you consider how many were actually left at the stadium at game's end... Foxboro Faithfuls, indeed.


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