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So I didn't exactly get to all of what I had set out to do tonight. Namely, the "Yankee Stadium" lettering atop the facade and Gate 4. The windows were kicking my ass basically. Which isn't surprising considering I had to do them twice. (The first time was a delightful snafu stemming for the fact that 28 divided by 7 isn't, in fact, 14. I'm not proud.)

The consensus among my friends/family has been that my P&C Day finish time is ridiculous, and that I should be prepared to give up any social life/outside activities. Seeing as it's currently snowing and, in my mind, approximately -128 degrees out, I'm okay with this sacrifice.

Additionally, seeing as both of the aforementioned sacrifices may or may not even exist, per se, in the offseason, I'm again okay with this move.

Day 3 goals: Finish the pencil sketch 90% (Gate 4, "Yankee Stadium," facade detailing) so I can possibly start painting on Day 4. Most likely won't get to paint til Saturday, though, seeing as I just realized this afternoon I forgot about the inevitable difficulties in recreating this. Twice.


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