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No, not of the Logan persuasion. (Though, come to think of it, has anyone heard anything about this guy? Is he still a Yankee? We did acquire Boone Logan this off-season, yeah?)

I'm referring to one AARON BOONE.

Words will never do justice to what you did for us.

And when you faded into oblivion after playing pickup hoops in the offseason, I think you knew what you were doing. After hitting the first pitch of the inning off Wakefield and sending us into the World Series, you can't go anywhere but down. Or away.

You'll never be forgotten. Ever.


  1. jimm ny said...
    Aaron "effin" Boone, best of luck and thanks for that shot, it'll go down with Bucky "freakin" Dent's.

    Damon, what is Detriot thinking,
    8 million and crappy defense no arm and 36. Granderson 5.5 million good defense/arm and younger.
    Hmmmm, now don't rush me CYC, OK c'mon Johnny

    Chan Whoa Park ?, I don't get it.
    Do not trust a mediocre NLer coming to the Beast of the East.
    But will trust CashMan with this one, too bad it was'nt minor league deal.

    Remember MLB is banning weapons at the stadiums, leave yer prison shank at home. Later CYC
    Dan The Doodle Danielson said...
    Saw Boone Play for Clevland Against Milwaukee the other year - Screamed at him ' Hey Aaron - Wana Play a Pick Up Basketball Game After this one?"

    I fucking hate him

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