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The things that transpired over the the 22 hours it took me to actually travel from NYC to Florida have all been documented in varying degrees of real-time mania, as writing was pretty much the only thing I could do during my tour de East Coast Airports.

It's funny, because I wrote sheeves of analysis on actual baseball, on A-Rod, Aceves, the Mets, the AL..and then, of course, more sheeves on my quickening descent into unslaked ire that was the direct result of having my flights rerouted and cancelled so many times, it was like watching a bride-to-be make wedding decisions. Hemming and hawing. Indecisive. Determining the only place to get the plates she wanted was 7o0 miles away. Nothing's intuitive. Nothing's quick.

The funny part is that all this work I did, it's all on my laptop. I'm on a desktop now, with tons of lovely internet access, but there's no wireless here. Which means that without a flash drive (which I didn't include on my list of "Things I'll Need When Watching Spring Training Games in FL"), I have no way of getting all this prose from laptop to desktop to blog.

And here's why that amuses me. Because it's basically the exact pain in the ass I endured yesterday. A million alternate solutions to getting CLOSER to Florida. But never actually putting me at my destination. The sublime unattainability of the metaphorical DIRECT CONNECTION.

Anyways, I'm out to go get a USB thing now and check out the Cardinals stadium on my way.

Be back later...


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