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Grumble grumble.

Make no mistake, I would have LOVED to take Game 1 from the Sux last night. If the Yanks had won, I would have been prancing about waxing arrogant, spewing things like, “BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL!” “Here we go! 28# starts off on the right foot!” “Sox aren’t good at life!” etc etc.

However, such was not the case. And instead of being able to celebrate Easter and my sister’s birthday with a nice little Boston Bashing, I had to spend it listening to a smattering of New England idiots at a bar bang their fists on tables whooping it up.

To counter this, MVP Kevin who was bartending procured a lit birthday cupcake and led the bar in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to drown out the asinine beantown a-holes. He consistently like the Hideki of well-timed, much-needed, clutchness.

That said, I will say that despite missing out on an evening of over-the-top gloating in the face of our AL rivals, I can very seamlessly come to terms with the loss, especially when I consider how LAST season began for us (and, consequently, how last season ultimately concluded).

Riding back from my parents place and into the city, I was smushed in the back seat of my sister’s toy car-sized vehicle and listening to Waldman broadcast her rapid spiraling descent into total hysteria and madness.


Pedro Martinez was who the Sux chose to throw their first pitch, and before doing so he did his spot-on impression of Trip McNeely in “Can’t Hardly Wait.” I’m so confused by this selection. Wasn’t Pedro the guy the Yanks have embarrassed in every way, shape, and form? The guy who handed us the Game 6 victory last year that handed us the crown? THAT’s who they wanted opening the season for them?

Whatever, I guess it worked, since it must have inspired Girardi to do his best Grady Little impression.

CC Sabathia was brilliant for the first 5. And then quite abruptly, was not. Boston was roping hits all over the field, and I had my first “Girardi can’t manage the bullpen” pang of the season, a sentiment which I thought had been resolutely extradited from my mind after last year. And, just like old times, it was the bullpen that our Achilles heel.

I did NOT see that coming.

Well, except from Chan Ho Park. I don’t know where the hell he came from (not literally, but rather rationale-wise), but I just sort of hoped he’d be buried in the rest of our proven arms. Like D-Rob. Aceves. Marte. The guys who we most recently remember dazzling us.
Park did get tagged with the loss, which is usually what happens when you give up 3 hits, 1 HR, 3 runs, and can’t even get to 3 outs.

Though it appeared our relievers were faltering, it looked a lot worse than it was, which is definitely cause for promise. D-Rob, the master of first-pitch-strikes, looked as sharp as I remember him, giving up an unfortunate run for an inherited runner. Marte’s pitches themselves weren’t hemorrhaging plate-crossers, but rather Posada’s difficulties in catching them. And welcome Joba Chamberlain back to the land of successful 8th inning relief.

Way to go, Park. You’re making everyone else look bad.

Josh Beckett picked up where he left off with the Yankees, getting crushed all over the park including back to back home runs from Posada and Granderson. (The last time this happened on opening day? THE DAY MY SISTER WAS BORN: APRIL 5, 1983.)

I guess this is what just made the loss so aggravating. The Yanks looked filthy at first. Double-steals. Manufacturing runs. Pounding hits. Just like last year.

What was egregiously absent from both sides, though, was any kind of interest in that whole defense thing. Granderson, I will say, was a noticeable improvement in CF. Gardner was about as good as I expected him. But overall, the fieldwork from the Yanks? Not your best work.

Fortunately for you, it still wasn’t as laughable as Beckett the Yankee Killer’s 9.64 ERA on the day.

So that’s that. The Yankees start 0-1. The Red Sux are undefeated. It’s funny, because you’d think after what happened last year after they destroyed us in eight straight games, that Boston fans would be a little less prone to outlandish premature aggrandizing.

But I guess it’s like Emerson said: “No change of circumstance can repair a defect of character.”

Looks like we’re stuck with another season of the Sux fans making fools of themselves.

I’ll take the loss. Thank God baseball’s back.

LET’S GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(That's 28 exclamation points. Just saying.)


  1. Anonymous said...
    You make some good points, but don't blame CC or Girardi or the bullpen (well maybe Chan Ho Park a little), blame me and my buddy for leaving two cute serious Yankee fans at the bar when the game was not over. I never leave the stadium before the game is over and I shouldn't have done the same last night as the second I stepped out they lost the lead. If I catch you for another game, you can be sure I'll stay there til the end rooting for the bombers with you.
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    YEAH DAMN STRAIGHT. It was a rough night for me and my sis, having to inevitably wage war with the asinine sux fans in there.

    Me and sis are loaded for bear now, next they won't even know what hit 'em... :)
    Brian said...
    Woo hoo! CYC is back and in full force! Love it! I am pissed the Yankees lost, but it's only 1 game. We lost the first 8 meetings last year against the Sux and look what happened. We got AJ going tonight with his sparkling new change-up, and the the ending of the Zack/Kelly-esque drama with him and Posada.
    Anonymous said...
    what happened with PA? Did you have a falling out with the writers there?
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Heyy.. no no not a falling out, but it was a little too much to write for PA and here everyday, on top of freelancing for other sites. Plus, they kinda wanted me to post there more than here, and I didn't want to abandon my own site...

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