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It ended quasi anti climatically. 5-1. CC dominant. Rain out, but enough innings played to make a complete game.

"I mean that's about as good as we've seen him. He was outstanding tonight."

If I had the energy, I'd google that to see exactly how many times Girardi has uttered those exact words about CC. 3 hits. 9Ks. Impressive, to be sure. Amazing. But he just pitched an almost no-hitter. I think Girardi was just trying to make people forget about that whole "taking CC out because of his pitch count thing."

It was a good way to end the work week. Chinese food type of weather. It almost made me mad at CJ Wilson. He got to pitch that game on 7 days rest. I don't remember the last time I had that luxury. And he still fouled it all up. Imbecile.

Although it provides a good argument against the need for sleep, I suppose.

Apparently a bunch of the Rangers had food poisoning which was why he had been scratched from his last scheduled start. I'm not sure if the food poisoning is a valid excuse for the abysmal defense.

Jeter scored on a passed ball. Cano went 1 for 3. The 2 are the first pair of SS/2B in Yankee history to have a 10-game hitting streak to start the season.

I reallllly hope they don't fizzle any time soon. I remember Magglio Ordonez a few years ago was like absurdly on fire for the first half of the season. So no one in my fantasy league wanted to go within 5 miles of him because it was assumed that no one could keep up that kind of pace for much longer.

He finished the season .363.


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