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Man, they look good.

So good I'm getting nervous about it.

Which, to be fair, isn't saying much since I get nervous if the hourglass is rotating on my computer monitor for more than 6 seconds.

But, thanks once again to the modern wonders of DVR and Yes Encore, I was able to watch a game which I had missed in absolute entirety on account of Sunday Softball in Central Park. And both team "Sloppy Sundays" and team New York Yankees finished the day with a sweep.

In post game interviews, I think some Yankees effectively demonstrated a hellbent mission to jinx this blissful domination.

Mariano Rivera "tried to recall a time when things were this serene in Yankeeland." But his "memory doesn't go back that far."

"Everything's going your way right now," says Girardi.

To be fair, both sentiments aren't false, per se. The Yanks are really just firing on all cylinders. It's like last year all over again. Seriously. Like no offseason time had even lapsed in between October and April. I have NEVER seen anything like that, in terms of not having any "smoothing out the kinks" transitional period at the beginning of the season.

Even Tex shaved a few weeks off his normal 7-week slump, by hitting for the second game in a row, and going yard, at that. "My teammates have been carrying me up to this point." Yep, no argument there. But, as I've said, you're Tex. You can do whatever the hell you want because you're a golden god.

Jeter was out of the lineup today, replaced by adorable Ramiro Pena, who had a huge hit in the 3rd to break out of the 2-all tie. Well, "huge" in terms of the 2-runs it knocked it. Kinda bloopy in its technical execution though. Who cares. Well done, Pena!

I absolutely LOVE it when guys like this have productive contributions. It makes me puff out of my chest and want to glare at the haters who hold tight to their "buy their team" drivel. Take a good look at the team and then look me in the metaphorical eye and tell me that lineup is a laundry list of bought talent. (To that point, Gardner led off and went 2 for 3.)

Probably the weirdest thing of the day, outside of Tex taking Harden deep, was the fact that my boy Nick Johnson struck out 3 times.

Not a hell of a lot of base hits on the day, only 11 between the 2 teams. But the Yankees played tight, and it was enough to sweep the Rangers. Last year I said that what I loved about the Yanks was that they subverted the whole "Play 110% every game" school of thought.

A.) I hate the phrase "playing 110%" as a rule, because it's impossible. You can't play more than 100%. It's just by design impossible. And if you're going to stick to this absurdity of being able to play more than 100%, then 110% is actually kind of chincy.

B.) Not only is not possible to play 110% period, but it's REALLY impossible to play 110% every day. And it's not necessary. You just need to play enough to win. That's what the Yanks did last year. They didn't need to blow out their opponents by 12 runs every game. They just needed to best them. That's smart playing. And if you don't believe me, just ask look at what happened to the Pats during their 2007-08 season.

On a final note, I love any game when Dustin Nippert comes in. (Wasn't this guy a starter last year? Now a short reliever? Weird.) When you mix up the letters in Dustin Nippert, you get "Pinstriped Nut." I am so, so, so jealous of this. I'm not even kidding.

Tomorrow's an off day. I wish I could say the same for me. I'm spent in every sense of the word. Here's some links (Album 1 and 2) to the pictures from the Saturday game I went to.

See you on Tuesday!


  1. Lauren said...
    how on earth did you figure out that dustin nippert is an anagram of pinstriped nut?

    i applaud you
    jimm ny said...
    yeah "pinstriped nut" is hilarious,
    CYC you have to use your anagramatical powers more often, I think you used that last year.

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