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You know you're too superstitious when you're nervous about winning the home opener. We lost last year, and we ended up winning the World Series. Is it bad that we won this year? Obvi I'm never ever gonna argue a win.

The Yankees had won 11 straight home openers before losing last year in the first game at their new stadium. The Yankees hadn't lost a home opener since 1998, the longest such winning streak in Major League Baseball history. They had won 16 of their past 17 home openers.

Their overall record, including this year, is now 71-36-1.

Not bad.

By virtue of signing up for the YES network online at the 11th hour, about 14 minutes before the first pitch, I was able to actually watch about 75% of the game. Including the goosebump-inducing ring ceremony. Many I'm not getting enough sleep, but I almost got a little teary eyed. Whoever is in charge of the soundtrack for these things at the stadium, really needs a raise. Because every time I watch one of those jumbotron montages, etc I get all inspired and misty eyed.

Right now, I'm about 145 blocks away from the stadium, but I could still feel the electricity through my computer monitor (and not in the way my cat can feel the electricity, when he insists on sleeping on my keyboard). That's one of my favorite parts about baseball season. Coming back home from work on the 4 train, and seeing all the hoards of Yankee fans all growling and screaming and hopped up on adrenaline, getting ready to KATN on 161st street.

In today's game, Andy Pettitte was absurd. The guy is unreal. He's been pitching for about 102 years, and you watch him throw a game like he did today, and he may as well be a 23-year old rookie. 6 innings, 6Ks, 3 BBs. 0 runs. And the way his pitches were dancing around the plate was quite poetic. Absolutely breathtaking, really.

Derek Jeter homered.

Posada went 3-for-4.

Mo closed it out.

The old guard. Business as usual, after collecting a ring for their thumbs.

The whole team really looked unstoppable. Granderson is not wasting a lick of time demonstrating the validity of this acquisition. I really expected him to just be a defensive tool only, but the guy is lighting it up all over the place. Another stolen base for him. And he's hitting on all cylinders. Even went he lines out, it's a bullet.

Chan Ho Park relieved Pettitte, gave up a ding, but whatever. I don't really like this guy, so if we can keep his utility to a minimum, when we're up by 6 runs, and if he's just letting up meaningless solo shots, I can spare him my vitriol.

As a testament to how completely subjective I am and how blatant my biases are, I don't bat an eye when D-Rob gives up a salami to Abreu. Seriously, I adore this kid. I think he's got aplomb like whoa, and I will NEVER forget how he worked it against the Twins in Game 3 of the ALDS last year. One of the most spectacular things I've seen from a lil tyke like that.

I kind of felt bad for the kid. It's a 7-1 game and all of a sudden, it's not a done deal win. 7-5 and only 1 out and a little cause for concern. I think the only person more red-faced today was me, when, during a status meeting, my coworker ganks my notepad and basically (understandably) starts convulsing upon flipping through the to-do lists and lands on this gem:

Yeah. So work was halted for a bit while everyone in the room learned about my lofty goals to accomplish within the next year.

Back to the game...

Nick Johnson also chipped in a bomb, fulfilling what I can only assume was Cashman's master plan upon signing him: hire him for the OBP, but anticipate him exploiting the right field short porch.

So far, our old pal Nick has done everything he's been asked of, and then some. I love him. Plus, he looks a lot like my hamster. Gold.

Cano continues to rope the ball all over the field, but until Tex starts pulling his weight, his ribbie numbers aren't gonna explode. But is anyone really doubting the fact that Tex, come May, turns into a complete offensive monster? The thought is terrifying. In a good way.

Poor Tex had another 0-fer day, and he's lucky he's Tex, because otherwise he'd be getting Ortiz-esque press. But everyone knows he's useless for the first month and a half of the season, so he's got carte blanche. He's that f'n awesome.

Here's some good press for our boy.
(H/t to my boy Casey for this link...)

A-Rod's still being badass. 2-5 for 2 ribbies.

Not a bad day for #13.

Michael Kay wasn't too bad himself, settling right back in to his usual lunatic ramblings. My favorite of the day:

1.) "How nice is it to have Bob Lorenz in the stadium with us? And he smells great today!"
2.) "Roy Halladay...well, Roy Halladay might not lose any games this year. Seriously."

In less ridiculous observations, they pointed out the new banners lining the stadium facade, commemorating all the World Championships. "Pretty intimidating," Kay notes.

Leiter counters, "Well unless you fell out of a spaceship in Mars, you're well aware of the Yankees' history."


Lastly, I got the Smoker's Quitline Trivia question right! I never get those right! Something about who tied Matsui in WS ribbies. And I knew it because Bobby Richardson is like a pub trivia night staple. If there's a sports category in trivia nights, it's a given that he'll be the answer to a question.

And we're off! 7 game under our belts.

April 13. 13 hits.

Game 7. 7 Runs.

It's gonna be a good year in the Bronx.


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