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How worried should we be about Tampa? Is it the 2007 Magglio Ordonez version of teams? The one that manages to inexplicably maintain its supreme dominance for the duration of the season, despite all critics arguing that some time, at some point, there has to be a cooling off period? Or are the [Devil] Rays the Justin Morneau version of teams? The predictability powerful force that demonstrates a near Ying Yang of flipflopping in terms of 1st half vs 2nd half numbers?

Let’s hope for the latter, but expect the former. The only real threat to Tampa Bay right now is (outside of the obvious injury risk) is Maddon. While everyone and their mother seems to think this guy is the second coming of Christ—assuming Christ is a strategic genius in terms of baseball management—I’m not really sure about that one. After all, if he was so smart, how come a team that has only slightly altered in the past 6 years, couldn’t get their asses to the playoffs until 2008?

But, yeah, for now, they’re still in the #1 spot. I guess no one told them that the Yankees have a monopoly on alpha-teamdom.


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