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While D-Rob actually got the L for this one, I still blame Javy. Because Javy is my new Joba. And I don't care how much people criticize for me for getting on his case too soon, because the fact is, he has yet to have one decent start. And it's May. People got like this about Joba, too. He'd be abyssmal, and then he'd finally have a day where he sucked less than usual and everyone was like, "SEE! He wasn't so bad now, was he?"

The thing is, I can feel it getting the point where our standards are lowered. Never settle. Not in life and not in baseball. If we're gonna hold the rest of the Yankee frachise to the same gold levels of superiority, then it's not really fair to give Javy a boatload of latitude, and then give him a sticker when he is not terrible...which is an important distinction from "good." It's like the difference between Innocent and Not Guilty.

In 3 innings, he gave up 7 hits and 5 runs. Yeah, ok, I get it. It's probably not the best feeling in the world to have a stadium of 55,000 angry Bronx fans seething at you and suffocating you with the booing. But if you hate it so much, then act as good as you are. You're in the major leagues. And you really are GOOD. I don't get why you're choking on it these days.

I'll make this quick:

The SouthSiders launched about 1220 homeruns off Javy. 2 from Andruw Jones alone. (Ok it actually was only 3. But in 3 IP, that feels like over a thousand. The third was from Kotsay.)
The Yankees pulled their weight to get back in the game.

Swish homered to cap off a 4-run 6th inning that put the Yanks in the lead. It was exciting. I love watching the Yanks make comebacks. That's what one of the greatest parts about being a Yankee fan is. The feeling that happens when you're down by 5 runs or something, and knowing that the score may as well be tied, because there is never ever a point in the game when the Yankees are out of it. Ever.

In less optimistic news, Grandy got hurt pretty bad. They said he'd be out for a while, but based on the look of the injury, I'd say 6 weeks at least.

I was pretty cranky about that loss yesterday. It didn't help that Homeboykris didn't win the derby.


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