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"Mitre dealing!"

I don't know why Kevin texts me these things. 98% of the time they owe little to no truth, and this should come as no surprise when you consider his inexplicable affinity for players like Sidney Ponson.

Mitre wasn't, in fact, dealing. He wasn't abysmal, but he certainly wasn't "dealing." Our sinkerball threw 4.1 innings and gave up 4 runs on 5 hits. He did whiff 4, which I suppose is relatively impressive for a guy with his limited arsenal.

And yet despite his very mediocre outing, he still managed to be a vast improvement over Javier Vazquez. That's kind of sad for Javy, watching your replacement pitch a Melba game, and knowing that the team is better off with mediocrity than it is with Javy-ocrity.

Basically, it was the old Yanks that led the charge against the current ones. Damon took Mitre deep on a beautiful rocket to right. A-Jax and Phil Coke also made good cases for themselves, with the former giving his team a 3-run lead and the latter coming up big with a couple of key outs.

Mark Teixeira has sent the league a message that, in case they all forgot, it's May now, and that means he officially resumes his monster offensive production. His 2-run homer helped the Yanks pull within 1 run in the 3rd, but it couldn't overcome the fact the Yanks were staunchly opposed to clearing the base path.

Despite the fact that practically the entire lineup logged hits (save Cervelli and GGBG), the Yanks' bats were fruitless when it came to RISP.

ONE FOR TEN with runners on.

Seriously, every time I looked at the little base patch icon by the score, it was flush with yellow squares that denote base runners. Unfortunately, those moments also happened to coincide with Randy Winn approaching his turn in the order.

The amount of fails in big spots that Winn banked for the day is more than too much. 3 times he converted his AB to an out, with RISP. He's starting to remind me of the guy whose dad named him Winner (and his brother, Loser). And, well, of course, ironic hijinx ensue.

The Yanks remain a half game behind TB, on account of their lifeless loss to the Halos today. The Sox manage to pull out a win against the Jays, so I expect Boston to start exchanging their "toss in the towel" cries for those of "We Always Believed!" rally whines.

Can't wait.


  1. MONDOAS said...
    Hey CYC! It's me Ramondo. It's going to say Mondoas which is my low-pro name..shhhhh! LOL! Anyway, Randy "When I play we definitely won't" Winn needs to be taken to a remote destination and dropped off and told to never ever return or else! Also, bring Javy, Marcus "I should never ever step in the outfield again" Thames and Nick "Thank goodness I'm on the DL" Johnson. Btw, these are the "Superstars" Jackasshman brought in because he thought they would make the team better! It's been painful to watch this all happen yet we are winning or have a winning record. They brought in Miranda today but why? How do you just discount what Cervelli has done? Make Jorge the full time DH and Cervelli the catcher. "As the Yankees Turn"!
    Maria said...

    Good Summary! I love my team, but it's getting hard to watch Winn and Thames, and man even Javy.

    What to do, what to do!

    And I see the Angels let the Rays "bitch slap them." Tuesday night.

    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    I'm really confused about teh miranda move. I like thames, but he is terrible defensively. I think the Yanks will be ok, I have to assume that Cashman knows what hes doing since he managed to bring us a title last year. But yeah, I agree with both of you guys, it gets hard to watch when we're losing on account of just stupid, dumb plays that would be avoided if anyone with half a brain was playing in the field!!

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