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I missed this one in its entirety. Didn't even catch the Encore presentation of it! In the rock paper scissors of Life, wedding covers game. Not my wedding, of course. My cousin's. And after a day of being in non-CYC attire. (Seriously, I went out afterwards to watch the horse race and I felt like Bobby Valentine or something. Completely unrecognizable without my hat. Also, felt completely naked without it, too.)

So, real quick, here's the game breakdown:

Andy Pettitte allowed only 2 hits, half because his pitching was outstanding, half because the Yanks defense was just as good. When Mauer looked like he was gonna take him deep, GGBG pops out of nowhere to make the catch on the warning track.

A couple of days ago, I downloaded this thing to send to my coworker (SS on my softball team), who thinks that all the balls belong to him. And the download listed the heirarchy of dibs, so to speak, on the field. Basically the CF reigns supreme over everyone. Catcher is bottom man on the totem pole. He barely even has any jurisdiction over a fan who may lean over the fence and try to make a catch.

That said, GGBG is working it realllly strong in the outfield. I didn't think he'd have enough leadership about him to run the CF position, but look at him go. Well done, kid, well done.

Tex and Posada went yard in the 7th, and the Yanks' offense continues hemorrhaging runs thereafter. Liriano pitched well, al things considered, allowing only 3 runs from Arod, Jeter, and Tims [sic] ribbies.

He ended up striking out 7, and actually put up a good fight, but ultimately the Yanks managed to squeeze in runs whenever they could find a space. Like me loading up the dishwasher on Thanksgiving.

Swish's catch was all over Sportscenter, so I'm gonna give him the web gem on this game, despite the sigh-of-relief factor that Gardner's snag elicited.

The Twins are still overfeated against the Yanks, but Gardenshire remained sort of optimistic:

"Well, we need to win, whichever way it comes. We still have tomorrow. We've lost a couple of games against the Yankees but I promise you, I promise you, it's not the end of the world. Of course if we lose tomorrow ... "

That's the spirit, Ron!


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