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Another one I lost to sleep. At least in the Tuesday game, I saw the first half of the game and then just drifted off around the 6th. Yesterday, however, I couldn't even stay awake past 7pm.

So when I woke up to the following text, I knew nothing good was going on:

Apparently the Yanks lost again, and everyone is sounding the alarms. Oh no, Tampa Bay is for real! We can't compete! We're too old and the Devil Dogs are too young!


It's a 2 game skid. It's not the end of the world.

One loss does not a catastrophe make.

I checked the box score today, and it looks like the Yanks did that whole Yankee thing of waiting til the 9th inning to score. 4 runs in the 11th hour.

10-6 isn't a horrendous loss, despite ESPN's contention that the 4 game difference in the standings is a lot smaller than what it really should be. Wishful thinking, from a Boston-desperate fan base that wants soooo badly for the Red Sox to actually be in contention.

Listen, regardless of whether TB is for real, I can tell you this: The New York Yankees are definitely for real. And 1 loss to the 1st place team isn't going to diminish that.

They'll bounce back today. Watch. And they'll win tomorrow. And then we're right back in lockstep with the youngsters. If my parents have taught me anything, it's that even when you think you know everything, even when you think you got the world wrapped around your's the people who have been around longer who really know what's what.

Youth will only take you so far. But for my money, I'd rather have experience. The Yankees know how to win. And they will.

Lower the red flags, we've only just begun.

In other news, I finished more or less, my ARod painting!


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