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Well, on the plus side, at least I don't have to waste my breath in Joba debates anymore.

Mostly because the people I spent most of last year arguing with, haven't had much of a case lately.

Justin Chamberlain is the most unpredictable liability on the team. I mean, at least with Chan Ho Park, there are no surprises. You call him in from the pen, you know you're handing over 2-3 runs to the opponents.

But with Joba, you never know if he's going to strike out 23 batters in 4 pitches. Or if he's going to let up 23 runs in 4 pitches.

Today, it was erring on the side of the latter. How much more of a stomach punch is there to not only give up a 6 run lead, but to give it up to a team who's offense has been akin to that of a JV hockey team? I think any runs Cleveland scores at all is purely coincidental. Like they're just swinging the bat as hard as they can and hoping that the ball gets in the way.

Luckily for them, there's not much guess work when you bat against Joba. You know EXACTLY where the ball is coming in because he may as well telegraph it across the sky during his warm up.

His fastball is extremely hittable. (I mean, for normal baseball players. Obviously I wouldn't be able to get my bat around on a 40 mph meatball.)

To be clear, the hate parade for Joba is to celebrate the feat of relinquishing a VERY healthy lead in the 7th, allowing the Indians to come back and score 13 runs to beat the Yankees.

This game took roughly 4000 years to get through, and it was asphyxiatingly horrendous overall. It looked like an easy win, a nice summer afternoon memorial day weekend delight. No stress, simple W.

Nope. Of course not.

Maybe it was karmic retribution for Arod's liner off Huff's head. This is absolutely horrible but I actually thought to myself at one point, "SEE?! Arod's not the satanic demon everyone makes him out to be. He could have run all around the bases but instead he stopped at 2nd and made sure Huff was ok!"

It was pretty brutal to watch. I mean, how fast must that ball have been coming at him? I'd estimate that given the distance from homeplate, that that shot hit Huff at around 120mph. In the head. When I was in the batting cages this week, I tried my hand at the fast pitch machine, which was coming in around 65mph and that was terrifying. I can't even wrap my head what it must have felt like for Huff.

When it first happened, it looked for a few minutes there that it might have been really bad. Like, not breathing bad. Ugh. So so terrible. When he got carted off the field, it was inordinately relieving to see him give the somber fans at Yankee Stadium a thumbs up sign.

Very cool.

Then after that, the Yankees kept the run hemorrhaging going full speed, and by the time the 4th inning was over, the Yanks had batted around, and inflated the score to 9-3. I really thought things were wrapped up. Idiot.

D-Rob came in and let up 2 runs. Not too great, but apparently he was hurt, so I'll give him a little bit of latitude. 'Sides, the only real damage he did was shorten the lead slightly. Mitre and Marte rolled up and did alright, and then Joba Chamberlain is handed the ball, and the game is torn apart at the seams.

Unbelievable. When Ted Williams came back to play in the later years of his career, he asked for a pay cut because he didn't deserve what they were paying him. Joba should follow suit and volunteer his resignation for the good of the team. If he really loved the Yankees, he'd do it to help us out, instead of continuing this mess.

Right now all he is is trade bait. And it's like he's a half eaten worm shriveling by the day.

In more positive thinking news, at least the offense came alive for the first time in weeks. Jeter, Swish, and Cano all hat 3 hits a piece, and Thames, Russo, and GGBG were the only guys without ribbies. Between the 2 teams today, over 400 pitches were thrown.

The box score is kinda interesting. All those 13's. Considering that #13 was the one that took their pitcher out of commission. Arod actually hit the 11th pitch of the game that brought in the 1st run.


Also weird: GGBG got picked off at 1st. WTF.

So that was the game. Really tough loss. A lot. I'm glad you guys are hitting and all, but for the love of God, FOCUS.


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