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Day 2 of listening to the game in my office on the radio. At least I have good reception. And I've actually dressed up my office a little bit, to make it more palatable and work conducive so I don't mind staying late. However, I've realized that while I can very easily work with music playing, it's almost impossible for me to write copy with Suzyn and Sterling barking in my ear.

So I only caught spurts of the game really.

Like when it was 1-0 early on, and then a whole slew of base runners got on. And Sterling said something like, "The Yanks are about to find themselves down 4-0."

Sterling has been confusing me a lot lately. I found myself being like, "Wait, WHAT?! I thought it was just 1-0? What the hell happened?"

CC was less than his fat sharp self yesterday, but since it was the O's, he pulled off a win because that's what happens when he faces the O's. However, I think my mom could probably boast similar credentials against the O's. She'd probably go undefeated, too.

At any rate, the Yanks never were down 4-0. It was actually only a 2 run deficit they needed to overcome, and Robinson Cano, the guy who couldn't bat in a run if there were 9 people on base last year, came through.

He went 3 for 4, with a run and a ribbie, and also made a run-saving play at 2nd that I marveled at when I finally got home and was able to watch the game highlights. My dad had actually called me during the game, which always unnerves me since he never calls.

"You sound tense."
"Um, I'm not tense. Is everything ok?"
"Yeah, just checking in with all my daughters. I gotta call Amy after this."
"Oh, ok. What's up?"
"Oh my God."
'WHAT?! What is it?!"
"Jesus Christ."

I could tell he wasn't paying attention to me, and he had the distracted voice on that usually indicates he's playing while trying to keep up a conversation. No one in the Pollina family is apparently good at multi tasking except for Lauren.

"Cano. I just.. He's just SO GOOD. He has a million hits."

He said it like he was saying, "Oh my God. This oil spill. It's just... It's just so terrible." Like this hushed, subdued incredulousness.

I understand where he's coming from. It is somewhat terrifying because I'm starting to believe the guy isn't human. It's 3 months into the season and he's batting .376. He leads the league in hits and BA, and his multi-hit games just seem to keep coming. He tied up the game at 2 by bringing in Tex, and I think it's safe to say that we were all more astounded by the fact that Tex was even on base in the first place.

The Yanks have been playing small ball, and I think this is escaping a lot of people's attention. They're getting wins wherever they can, and however they can.

And when you think about last year, how the homeruns were piling up so much that you couldn't turn to the sports section without seeing 9238 articles on how the new stadium is inflating the Yanks' numbers, it's amazing to think about how many games this year are won by not just base hits, but base hits from all over the lineup.

No dramatic walkoffs, no dramatic anything. Just raw baseball. Winning the old fashioned way. And maybe that's why CC's lack of domination is flying under the radar. Well, somewhat under the radar.

He's been racking up the W's against the O's, but you can't ignore the fact that against this abysmal team he managed to let them hit him 9 times. He also struck out 8 though, which is promising. And while haters may be giddy that our ace is struggling, I think it's a little premature to think like that. I mean, the guy's MY age. It's not like the assclowns who think he's washed up have a leg to stand on.

He's not old, he's not hurt (KNOCKONWOODKNOCKONWOOD) and he's got all that fat to keep his arm warm. I'm not worried about my boy Tubbo. I predict he gets a perfecto this year. I mean, everyone else is doing it, why not?

Joba came in and tried his hand at the whole, "I swear, I'm a bridge to Mariano" thing, and it worked out and Mo comes in to nab his bajillionth save (14th).

Thus completed the sweep of the Birds. Adam Jones, Izturis, Ty Wigginton (God, WHY can't he just have another g in there? Wiggington. It would be so much better. I feel like I'm advocating shoddy typos every time I write that. I have enough errors of my own without having to make some on purpose.), and Nick Markakis do their worst but it's never enough for the O's. The whole team struck out 10 times on 141 pitches.

The Yanks struck out 2x on 167 pitches.

However, the Yanks also did leave 11 stranded runners, while only going 2-13 with RISP. That's..not great. But whatever, we won, I'm not gonna start grasping at straws for stuff to worry about, things that could be "bigger picture issues."

PS, Cervelli is batting .600 with 2-outs and runners in scoring position.

PPS, the Red Sox got shut out by the Tribe 11-0.

PPPS, the magic bats of Toronto got suffocated by Tampa, 10-1.

PPPPS, Robinson Cano's name mixed up is "An Icon is Born, Son."

I love baseball.

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  1. Maria said...
    LOL! Ok that part about us be surprised that Tex was even on base.. good good, I was laughing so loud, my teenager said "what?" And I replied, well my FB friend and fellow Yankee fan is a blogger and--then I realized am I really gonna explain the whole jist of this to her. I kinda gave her the you had to be there, cause really if you don't know this team, then you can't appreciate the people the write about them. I love the were playing small ball, but is it covering up bigger issues were having? Do I sound like I'm looking for fault in our team?

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