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I can't believe that really happened.

Did the Yankees really just get shut out by the Mutts? In the Bronx? Really?

This is the 3rd loss in a row. I feel like this may be the biggest losing streak they've been on all season. I don't like it. How do O's fans deal with this kind of thing?

And, again, there's the Mutts. I can't believe we lost to the Mutts. 4-0.


And here's the thing: even the last win they had against the Phils, their offense was hurting a bit til the end. Or look at it this way: In the month of June, 10 of the games had the Yanks only scoring 5 or fewer runs.

I don't really know who to assign the lion's share of blame on, so I'm going to go with my gut on this one: Paul O'Neill.

Ok, not really, but since I'm on the subject of Paul O'Neill, it should be noted that me and my sister were more than a little convinced our boy was 100% hammered in the booth last night.

He was slurring his words, repeating himself, making weirdly obvious statements: "Now watch this curve ball. What it does is have mooooovement. That means it goes from one side of the plate to the other. Moovement."

At one point I even said, "Um Kay and Paul are in inching dangerously into Jon Miller/Joe Morgan status of 'I refuse to make any game commentary that may assist the viewer in following along.'"

When Paul O'Neill said, "Before we talk about the game anymore, I wanna mention that my nephew just got drafted by the Yankees in the 42nd round," Lauren conceded I might be right, as we recalled the countless incidents of Morgan interrupting game commentary to give shout out to his daughter's gymnastics team.

It seemed everyone was acting a little nutso last night. Maybe I was just tired, but I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that I would have found stuff like this odd, no matter what:

Cano appealing to his bat? "Cmon, buddy. What's the matter? You doing ok? We need to talk."

What a weirdo.

Another weirdo: Cervelli. One of my favorite moments of the game (not that there were many of them, but whatever) was when he threw out Pagan stealing second WITHOUT EVER STANDING UP. Perfect, perfect throw from his knees. Amazing.

Maybe that's why Jorge's been kind of cranky lately. I don't know, he just seems very cantankerous as of late.

I suppose it doesn't help your temperament when you're getting called out on strikes on a 3-1 count.

Get your head in the game, blue. Seriously, you're getting enough gruff for not making the right balls/strikes call, do you really want to help out your critics by completing blanking on the pitch count?

So the Yankees lose, their bats were completely lifeless yesterday. It's funny--sort of-- because during the game Kay and O'Neill were talking about Ike Davis, and whether he resembles his dad, Ron Davis. Except I misheard them and thought Paul was saying, "Yeah I don't really see the life in them." (or "I don't really see Ike in him.") But I immediately started getting on the defensive: "WHAT THE HELL, PAUL? They have PLENTY of life in them. Give them a break! So they're down by a few runs, relax, they'll come back."

However, by game's end, I started to think Paul had it right the first time in my head.

With bases loaded and 1 out, down by 4, Jeter comes to bat against K-Rod. Did anyone think there WASNT going to be a grand slam here? Seriously. I mean, cmon, it's exactly 5 years TO THE DAY of the last and only grand slam Jeter has hit in his life. June 18, 2005 against the cubbies. Now on June 18, 2010 the situation comes up again.

And instead of whiffed on 3 pitches.


Swish popped out to end the game. The Mets win their 9th in a row, the Yanks lose their 3rd in a row. The Mets celebrate as if they just won the World Cup. And no words are minced on how obsessed the B-team is with defeating the NY A-Team.

"It's amazing," Feliciano said. "To beat the Yankees, that's big for us."

Alright, good on you, Queens. Just don't forget who you really are.

Don't forget who's boss here....

"You may be a one eyed jack around here, but I've seen the other side of your face."


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