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Cecil isn't too bad. He's one of those pitchers that looks better in person. Or, as the case may be, on tv.

And the J's are pissing me off A LOT. It's weird how things change and you don't even realize it. Like, yeah I still loathe the Sux with a hatred that will never in my lifetime be matched unless someone hurts someone in my family. In which case, congrats Boston, you'll only be the 2nd most hated entity in my life.

But, now I'm finding myself getting irritated at non-Boston teams. And Boston just isn't even slipping into my radar these days. The J's have always been on my shit list, since this is the Great American Pasttime and they're not from America.

(Sorry, I know. Terrible of me. But it's not a real xenophobic hatred so much as it is a cursory, "Yeah, I'm supposed to take shots at Canada because I'm American, right?" way.)

But they also aggravate me because they're like that girl who was never very cute but then gets a boob job and starts wearing low cut shirts and starts getting all this attention, and she starts to think it's because she's hot and hence can start entertaining alleged (and mythical) "hot rights," like being condescending and too cool for school.

The J's similarly are the best homerun hitting team in the league, but they're still not hot. They got big boobs, but are not hot. And they act like they're freaking Cameron Diaz.

Plus, they won last night, which doesn't do much in the way of currying favor. Not that they should want to curry favor with a Yankee fan, I guess. Hmpf.

I'm thinking that the fact this was an "ARGHHH THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DRAMATIC COMEBACK WIN!" type of game isn't doing anything for my well-being, either.

And, to use yet another teen movie-esque analogy, it's like when a guy cheats on a chick and the chick goes nuts on the Other Woman, instead of directing the lion's share of the ire towards the real worthy offender: the boyfriend.

Instead of spitting vitriol at the J's, maybe I should be more disappointed in my team that managed to load the bases in the 9th with no outs, and down by 4 runs, only to squander away the opportunity to not only effect an invigorating victory, but also the opportunity to reclaim the #1 spot in the division.

Down 6-2 with two outs and none on in the ninth, the Yankees rallied. Jason Frasor was pulled after a pair of walks and closer Kevin Gregg gave up an RBI single to Eduardo Nunez and hit Derek Jeter with a pitch that loaded the bases. Gregg retired Granderson on a routine fly just short of the warning track in center field for his 29th save in 33 chances.

Why do Gregg's numbers sound like he should be a stud, but his output on my fantasy team seem to indicate otherwise? Seriously, I feel like this has been a theme of the 2010 season. A disconnect between what you think SHOULD be true, and what actually is happening.

FOR EXAMPLE, Vernon Wells should be a in nursing home. Instead, he is the Kinko's of ribbies. Annoying to deal with yet an unflappable source of production. I hate him. He also should be penning bad poetry in another generation with a name like that.

As for the Yanks, Hughes started the game, and remains a question mark (?) that no one seems to want to address because they're too busy flapping their arms about AJ or entertaining themselves with the Interchangeable #4 spot in the rotation.

What, it's a lot of fun to experiment with new guys like Nova and Moseley etc, when there's only circa a month's worth of games left the play in the regular season.

It's ALMOST funny. Like how there can be a million things on my to-do list at work, so I decide the best use of my time is to organize my file folders before I can do anything else.

Except, it's not funny.

#65's line score on the day: 6H, 5R, 5BB, 6K

I guess it's symmetrical, but I can't see the # 56 without immediately thinking of Tanyon Sturtze. Seriously. That's how much he's traumatized me.

Javy was used in relief, and only gave up 2 hits in 4 innings. 1R, 2Ks... too bad his number isn't 12 because that would continue the symmetry theme, I suppose. Ah, people in hell wish for ice water, ya know?

The Surprise! players were leading the offensive charge for the Yanks, and I heart Marcus Markey Timms. What a real team player. Kind of a weirdo, but who isn't? 2 for 4 with a double and homerun and 2 ribbies. GGBG 2 for 3 and Nunez 2 for 4.

If someone had told me that these would be powering the Yanks in the tail end of the season, I'd be unsurprised. If someone had told me that these would be powering the Yanks when the big guys were sleeping, I'd be very surprised.

It's not fair to say that the big guys are slumping or out of the game, etc, because Cano/Tex/Jeter/Jorge come thru for us PLENTY. It's nice to know that when they DON'T, that the other B-listers are filling in the gaps.

Ok, so we lost. That sucks. Let's keep plugging away though. September is right around the corner, and that month is undoubtedly going to define the season for us. I'm not kidding. What the Yanks do in the last month of play will tell us if we're dealing with a repeat Championship Team.

Things are about to get really exciting.

The real question is...can our hearts take it?

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  1. Eric S. said...
    Ah, got to renew my Blue Jay's resentment card again.

    Returned from Vancouver where I saw the J's beat us two of three. As these J's develop the annoying habit of beating the Yankees, Heard scant few 'yay's among the great, collective yawn.

    Across the border - Baseball north of the 49th is summer filler.
    To Canucks (Canadians in general, not the NHL team) our pastime is a segue between end of one Hockey season and what promises to be another. In New York, baseball is in the lifeblood, and therefore, a blood sport, where it's understood all that is needed is a worthy foil or two.

    Here, the J's aren't the RS, certainly not the Rays. However, there is enough history, some bad blood, despite A-Rod being out of the lineup, and no one yells
    'Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy' behind someone as they reach for for a popup, a player is bound to be plunked, if only out of frustration.

    When the J's beat us, the Canadian equivalent of ESPN - programming, TSN, and SportsCentre, caputers the moment, as do most opponent affiliates, and go politely schadenfreudian, replaying the winning innings (and in our case, losing highlights) ad nauseum.

    Of course, in case you don't know, even with determination, better-than-average pitching, this team is just another AL East pest to be schmooshed off the dash by Labor Day.

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