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Yeah, for all those who are discounting the Yankees....don't.

Because, well, they're pretty good.

And yeah, the A's aren't exactly the most threatening team in the league. But Cahill is a tough arm to bat against. And the Yanks wrecked him.

This is not an offense to be trifled with.

And just as scary is the fact the Yanks have made compensating for their weaknesses, an art form.

When Arod was taken out, they rose to occasion with Pena and Nunez.

When their rotation was in flux, Nova came up.

When their starters were faltering, their bullpen prevailed.

They're like a terrifyingly overpowering Whack-A-Mole, in the "Super Difficult" level of play.

Three different Yankees had 3 RBIs a piece (Cano, Swish, and Timms). Tex went 3 for 3 with a long bomb (that my dad called. Everyone sitting around him at the game was mega impressed.)

Cano followed with his own bomb.

Timms, a 3-run shot later in the game.

Another ribbie from Pena. All in all, 11 runs on 13 hits.

The 3-4-5 hitters, went 8 for 9 with five extra-base hits and seven RBIs through the first five innings.

After going up against a starter who was nothing short of brilliant in a fairly long streak of pitching dominance. Said pitcher only last 4 innings against the almighty Yankees.

Moseley put up Moseley numbers. (You think I'm exagerrating when I make fun of his predictable mediocrity. Please just look at his collection of stats, I'm 100% not being my standard hyperbolic self here.)

Javy and Moseley split up the game, with the latter doing markedly better than the former. In 4 IP, he allowed only 2 hits and 1 runs, striking out 6. He told Kim Jones in the post game that he indeed he did want to be a starter, (but of course hurriedly followed that up with "But I'll do whatever, you know? I just want to win." Sounded like a chick on a first date. "Well let's get dinner instead of drinks...but I don't care, really. I'm up for anything. I'm breezy. I don't even care.")

It was a good win. TB kept pace, which means they remain tied at 1st with the Yanks for now longer than a week. Which according to the Yanks (and Elias I'm assuming), is the longest such streak of its kind.

Sox didn't play today, but that doesn't mean anyone needs to lax on the Sox-bashing. For example, during my lazy 4-day weekend, I took in about 23984 different ridiculous movies, one of which was an old favorite: "Little Monsters."

When I saw this like 15 years ago, I never noticed this:

Notice the Boston logo on bad guy Rodney's hat. This is moments before he eats a cat food sandwich and washes it down with pee.


It's nice to see a "villain" in a movie portrayed as a Boston fan. Usually the Yanks have the market cornered on the evil character foils. Small favors, ya know?

So here we go. A loooonnnng homestand coming up. Longest of the season so far. I saw my buddy Will last night, and he said, "I want the Yankees to win 8 out of the next 10."

I disagree.

I want them to win 10 out of 10.


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