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Is it possible that Marcus Markey Timms has a crush on Kim Jones? Perhaps all these big moments and clutch performances are all fueled by his innate desire to get picked to do the post-game interview? I mean, just look at how ridic excited and happy he is when he's blubbering about "the team's doing great, and anything I can do, etc etc."

Perhaps Timms and Jones are the new Arod and Kate Hudson. The bootleg version?

So once again, I think the J's were smugly thinking to themselves in the early parts of the game, "Yeah, have we showed you our long ball yet, guys? Have we? Ok, cuz in case you haven't heard, we're pretty damn good at shooting shit out of your stadium. Oh, there goes another one. BAM."

The Bad Guys took an early 3-0 lead, thanks to homers from Overbay and McDonald in the 2nd inning.

You could almost FEEL Yankee Stadium's blood starting to irrationally boil, all poised to start spitting their vitriol at Javy.

Jeter puts us on the board with a ribbie single. (I thought he was gonna play today? Hm oh well!)
Text from my buddy: "On encore jeter just score the third run on basically a 'no play' with the coolest slide. Like he was making a movie. Just like flew across and popped up and tipped his cap as if to say... yeah I'm jeter...don't even try to be as cool as me."

Man, I love my friends.

Cano soon thereafter follows suit with a 2-run single that ties the game. GGBG grounds out to score Nunez, and a wild pitch from Rzpeoaisdkaj [sic] puts the score at 5-3.

Long ball, schlong ball.

We'll win it our own way. Well, not exactly OUR way, so much as the way that almost every other team has had to do it since the dawn of time, except the Yankees themselves.

So, you guys know I'm farrrr from forgiving when it comes to pitchers screwing up. cough....Joba....cough. But for some reason, I'm ok with AJ, and Javy--while I was frustrated beyond the telling of it in the beginning of the season--well, now I think we need to have faith.

I think he'll get us there.

Just like Norman Dale had faith in Shooter.

And that guy was a raging mess of an alcoholic, look how that worked out.

The right-hander was effective at times, striking out six in 4 2/3 innings, with
a fastball in the upper 80s (mph) and a good breaking ball. But he walked four
and gave up two home runs -- both in the second inning.
But sure enough, I'm pretty sure I could hear the booing when Javy got yanked out of the game in the 5th. Moseley comes in and a double from Overbay ties the game.

For the second consecutive day, Girardi pulled a starter who led 5-3 in the fifth and was one out shy of qualifying for a win. In both cases, Overbay was coming up with two runners on.


Overbay=ginormous pain in the ass.

SO many of them on that team, I swear. Pains in the asses, I mean.

One guy after another of "Sigh. This guy? Shit, he's definitely due for some out-of-left-field ding."

It's not like the Yankee roster from last year, when every single batter was like pitching to the 3-batter. It's more like a few years ago when every batter on the Yankees was too old to be scary but still managed to be, anyway.

Then the 7th inning rolls around and it's tied at 5, and me and my family are watching the game from my Godmother's porch in Long Beach, while playing "Taboo." The game is on in the living room and the windows are open and we're occasionally diverting our attention from the board game to the baseball game.

And it was just one of those days when you knew the Yanks were gonna win.

And they did.

Marcus Markey Timms gets up in the 7th and hits 7th homerun in 10 games. He's currently slugging close to 1.000 in that time period.

In less upbeat, less personable parts of the game, Bautista was ejected for arguing about pretty much every pitch Joba threw to him. In fairness, the called 3rd strike did look outside, and yeah that would have pissed me off, too. But I think I would have gotten over it by now if I was a Toronto fan.

I mean, a call like that can mess with not just the outcome of the game, but the division standings as a whole, if it's made against the Yankees. We lose a game, we lose ground.

But the J's? That call ultimately means nothing to them in the grand scheme of things.

So the botched call enabled the momentum to come to screeching halt in the 7th when Bautista strikes out with 2 on, on no one out.

Again, I don't think it was really GAME-changing, because it wasn't the third out or anything. There was still 2 outs to go, and Wells took care of that with an inning ending double-play.

Mo got the save, TB lost, Sux lost, Yankees win, all is right in the world.

And on Sunday we go for WIN #9.


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  1. Anonymous said...
    Um, not to nitpck, CYC, but I'm pretty sure you meant to write "Long ball, schmong ball." What you've got there now is, well, a little risqué. ;-)

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