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Why do you walk someone with 2 outs?


Teixeira is out.

The Yanks need to win the next 4 3 in a row, 2 on the road.

And I missed most of last night's game on account of work.

And will miss today's game, as well.

So, for God's sake Yankees, please force a Game 7. Otherwise I will have missed the entire postseason because of my job.

Few things are more depressing a sentiment.

I'm not in a good state right now.

Cmon, Fatso. Help us out here. The Yanks need you. I need you.


  1. Anonymous said...
    "The Yanks need to win the next 4 in a row, 2 on the road."

    It's actually 3 in a row dummy. But it doesn't matter, because it's not going to happen. They're done! So go back to're seaons over. Thank God.
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Oh yeah, you're right. It is 3 games.

    But I'm not a dummy. "You're seasons over." "Your" boring.
    Jeter is washed Up said...
    Hey CYC, your lame blog must be pretty bad, considering it's not even in the Village Voice this year!
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Things must be slow at BMS considering you're commenting under different names on a blog you claim to not like...

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