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Here is why Yankee fans should be happy about today:

1.) Giambi's 14th inning walkoff GRAND SLAM against the Twinkies, 2002

Which I maintain is the backdrop for my bottle opener. I've listened to that thing open a lot of beers, and how many walkoff grandslams do the Yankees have to their credit? It's gotta be that game.

2.) Mariano Rivera's first save ever, 1996

What a cool cat.

3.) David Wells' perfect game, 1998

Boomer adds another magic notch to one of the best seasons in baseball history, by one of the best teams ever. I still will always be partial to the Don Larsen game though. Back in the day when announcers didn't do things like say, "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS PITCHER HAS A NO HITTER GOING THROUGH 3 INNINGS?!! ....and here's the pitch...oh. Nevermind."

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  1. Uncle Mike said...
    I also remembered the Wells anniversary, but not in a good way: I'm thinking the Yankees may need another perfect game, keeping ALL opposing players off base, in order to win!

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